Sonu Sood Responds To A Fan Who Requests A Birthday Celebration Like Shah Rukh Khan

Shubanka Sridhar , 03 Nov 2020
Sonu Sood; Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday (Source: Instagram | @sonu_sood, @iamsrk)
Sonu Sood; Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday (Source: Instagram | @sonu_sood, @iamsrk)

Sonu Sood has won the hearts of millions of Indians with his service to the ones in need during these few testing months in lockdown. From sending people back home to getting people jobs and books to study, he is rightly been termed the ‘Messiah’ of the times.

But, that’s not without its share of some fun. Given all the help he and his team is providing to people, a lot of them are getting on Twitter to reach out to him. And some of them have some rather funny and amusing requests to make. One such person today asked him to make his birthday special by helping him celebrate it like how Shah Rukh Khan did in Dubai yesterday.

He tweeted to Sonu saying his birthday is on the 5th of November and that he would like his picture to also be showcased from the heights of Burj Khalifa. Sonu responded to him with a witty answer, saying that he is unfortunately late by three days and went on to give him some great advice.

He wrote, “बस आपका जन्मदिन 3 दिन लेट हो गया भाई| ख़ैर थोड़ी से महनत करो और नाम कमाओ ज़िंदगी में फिर देखना bhurj khalifa क्या आसमान पे नाम लिख देगी दुनिया (Your birthday was just three days late, brother. Anyway, just work a little hard and earn a name for yourself and then you see, not just Burj Khalifa, the world will write your name in the skies).”

Here is his tweet:

Trust Sonu to always have the best answers to such questions on his Twitter!

Previously, he even replied to a man who asked him to get him a ticket in the BJP party. He said that he can get him only bus, train and flight tickets to go back home.

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