10 Adorable Posts By Influencers That Drove Our Midweek Blues Away

Kavisha Mody , 04 Nov 2020
Lilly Singh, Ranveer Allahbadia, Sejal Kumar (Source: Instagram | @lilly @beerbiceps @sejalkumar1195)
Lilly Singh, Ranveer Allahbadia, Sejal Kumar (Source: Instagram| @lilly @beerbiceps @sejalkumar1195)

At the moment, all of us are living in an extremely uncertain time and there is a massive spike in stress levels and negativity. In a time like this, we surely wish to see something cute and positive to amp our mood up. This week has already been quite hectic and we are were facing some serious midweek blues. So, we decided to pick out some adorable posts by our fave influencers to amp up our mood and yours too! Over the period of time, these influencers have posted some super cute pictures on their Instagram and we keep scrolling through them all the time. So here are some adorbs posts by them that might bring a smile on your face!

Here they are:

1. Lilly Singh 

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Two weeks ago I was moving my sofa and it slipped and fell on my thumb, giving me a deep cut that honestly probably needed stitches. Being stubborn, I let it heal on its own and although the cut is better my thumb is still swollen and recovering slowly. I struggled to pick up a glass to drink from, wash my hair and most heartbreakingly…play Fortnite. Then last week I had to get a little procedure done on my foot that hasn’t allowed me to walk properly on it. Combined with physiotherapy for my neck and migraines…it’s been a STRUGGLE. But throughout all of these small, nonsensical injuries, all I could think about were the people who live with conditions much more challenging and for longer periods of time. For some, even a lifetime. All of the little things I take for granted every single day, from walking to breathing to hearing my favourite song are legit miracles and privileges I have been given. So as I sit here and complain like a baby over my tiny foot injury, to all the people out there facing the world with any type of disability, I want to say I SEE YOU AND YOU’RE DOPE. The world doesn’t even make life necessarily easy for you and you’re still out here thriving, doing great things and showing up everyday. You inspire me. Truly.

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Lilly has always been that kind of person who believes in lifting people up! This post really hit us right in the feels because it is filled with positivity. The caption really lifted our spirits up and her picture is straight-up adorable, isn’t it?

2. Gaurav Taneja 

Isn’t this like the cutest post ever? Lil Rasbhari is trying to click a happy family picture and we cannot stop gushing over it. This trio is truly family goals! Every post of theirs gives out a warm, loving and positive vibe.

3. Mithila Palkar 

This birthday post by Mithila for her ‘Mumma‘ was one of the cutest ones so far! The love between them is so pure and this picture really brings a bright smile on our faces.

4. Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a @BeerBiceps

Ranveer posted this adorable series of pictures just after the release of Sang Rahiyo’s music video.  He shared some cute photos of him along with his female friends whom he often gets linked up with. While the caption is quite hilarious, the post straight up has us gushing!

5. Sejal Kumar 

Here’s a cute snippet of Sejal Kumar and her army dad taking up a fitness challenge. We love to see such cute family pictures as they make us really happy. The video she made on this fitness challenge was also incredibly adorable, it motivated us to start our fitness journey too!

6. Bruised Passports 

Looks like it’s pumpkin time! Savi and Vid shared this super happy picture with them in a pumpkin patch and it looks like they had a fun experience. All of us are in a lockdown and we cannot travel at the moment. However, we can always scroll through Bruised Passports‘ pictures and go on a virtual tour!

7. Tanmay Bhat 

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My new flatmate pees and poops everywhere. But he pays his share of the rent on time. So I guess he can stay.

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Tanmay Bhat has the cutest flatmate ever and it is making us so envious! His caption is super funny and the picture of both of them just napping together literally defines cuteness. Having a cute puppy makes everything better, doesn’t it?

8. Masoom Minawala 

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You & me, we’re just a vibe 💛 #Shailoom Who else can’t wait to party again? 😷

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#CoupleGoals alert! Their picture makes us really happy because they themselves look like they are having a blast together! They look so perfect together, don’t they?

9. Kritika Khurana 

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My ride or die. ✨ @deekshakhurana #sister

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How adorable is this picture? We absolutely love it when we see two sisters always having each other’s backs! Kritika and Deeksha are truly #SisterGoals and we have also seen them create some awesome content together. This picture indeed amps our mood up!

10. Larissa D’sa 

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We cannot stress enough on how much we love pets! This post by Larissa is super adorable because she is around her furry friend. Having a doggo around you just makes all your problems go away, isn’t it?

These posts truly drove our midweek blues away and made us super happy! All of them were super adorable and we cannot wait to see more of such posts. Which picture brought a smile on your face? Tell us in comments below!

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