Ananya Birla just released her latest single, Everybody’s Lost and we are playing it on loop. The song explores the tricky path to self-discovery and self-love, which is hard considering all the pretense we are constantly surrounded by. In her song she expresses how aimless everybody has become. The chaos, commotion and rebellion around us does not always have a purpose. Finding your way through this can be difficult, but not impossible. What really comes through in Ananya’s lyrics is that it’s okay to get caught up in the chaos sometimes, and even thrive in it. Eventually, you will find your way. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is something I desperately needed to hear.

Ananya, who is a strong advocate for mental health and wellness, has used her music to talk about various struggles, that most of us can relate to on a deeper level. Her last release, Let There Be Love (Remix) is a Hindi version of her song with the same name and it spoke all about loving and accepting yourself. It conveyed the beautiful message of family above all, and that is something we often forget. Ananya has been hitting us all straight in the feels with her songs, and Everybody’s Lost is another example of that. Her songs come from a place of pure love, and I absolutely love that.

Everybody’s Lost is up-beat, meaningful and will be on my playlist for a long time. What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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