Instagram comes to the rescue as we are back with some of the coolest and most creative filters for the week. Different content creators and influencers create awesome as well as unique filters for their fans to enjoy and try. Every week we love trying out all these new and mind-blowing filters on Instagram. It always amps up our pictures and selfies with all sorts of crazy elements and keeps us hooked to the app for hours. So here are 7 filters that definitely stood out for us this week. Check them all out!

Here they are:

1. Monday – Everyday Magic by Tina Kakkad Dhanak

Everyday Magic by Tina Kakkar Dhanak

What better way to start your week than with a magical filter? This one right here has these glittery sparkles that make our eyes glow and shine every time we blink them. What a perfect way to hide those pesky dark circles, isn’t it?

2. Tuesday – Food Quiz by Chief Foodie Officer

Food Quiz by Chief Foodie Officer

Food Quiz is one of the most fun filters and you may just get addicted to it! It is nothing but a food dumb-charades, all you have to do is guess the food emojis. If you haven’t tried it out yet then you definitely should!

3. Wednesday – Lola by Lolita Latorre

Lola by Lolita Latorre

This adorable filter is perfect for the mid-week blues! It’s here to remind you not to overwork yourself. The perfect cool tones of this filter make you look supernatural and fresh. We defo can’t get over the shimmer and glam it adds to the picture!

4. Thursday – Fit Aesthetic by Shweta Pal

Fit Aesthetic by Shweta Pal

This stunning filter gives your picture a very aesthetic vibe and we are definitely going gaga over the subtle tones of this filter. It adds a creative effect to your picture and we are absolutely diggin’ it!

5. Friday – Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad

Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad

A perfect song to welcome the weekend! Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad will make you start daydreaming about all your memories with your bae. Who doesn’t like to go down memory lane? It is a very creative and cutesy filter that we could not stop using!

6. Saturday – Vibe by Sansriti Mishra

Vibe by Sansriti Mishra

Vibe check! Here is a filter that is here to fill you with positivity. It is so creative and full of colour that we absolutely love it. This filter reminds us to always stay happy and be positive!

7. Sunday – Glitter Story by Swati Verma

Glitter Story by Swati Verma

Sunday nights are for glamorous looks so what better filter than this one? Glitter Story is such a gorgeous filter by Swati Verma that makes you look all dolled up even if you have no makeup on in reality. This filter comes to our rescue whenever we wish to click an awesome selfie!

So what did you think about our filter choices for the week? We hope you love them as much as we do, let us know your favourite filter in the comments below!

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