Music is a language of the soul and it connects with people all around the world. This lockdown period has been tough for everyone and good music is something that is helping us stay motivated and positive. During this time a lot of talented musicians and singers have taken to their social media and are spreading positivity through their art. Their music has been hitting us right in the feels and we are literally hooked to all their tracks. So if you are looking at amping your mood up, you must follow these talented singers on social media platforms. We are certain that their videos and relatable content will blow you away. Check them out!

Here they are:

1. Neha Kakkar

Who doesn’t know the phenomenal Neha Kakkar? She is one of the most popular singers today and has consistently been blowing us away with her hit tracks. Apart from being a talented singer, she is also an avid content creator. We have seen her collaborate with multiple influencers and her Reels are just straight up adorable!

2. Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval is one musician who needs no introduction, we have been big fans of his since he came out with ‘Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine‘. Since then he has given us multiple hit songs that have resonated with all of us on a different level. He is extremely active on Instagram and tbh, we love his live sessions!

3. Shannon K

Shannon is a talented singer and musician based out of LA. Her music is quite out-of-the-box and we love her creative approach. Apart from being a singer, Shannon is also a popular content creator. She has 2.8 million followers on Instagram and also has her own podcast. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Tony Kakkar

Tony Kakkar creates music that all of us cannot stop grooving to! He is a popular singer amongst the youth and his music videos are so much fun to watch. He collaborates with multiple influencers and his recent track, ‘Naach Meri Laila‘ took the internet by storm. So many talented content creators created videos on that track and we are absolutely loving all of them.

5. Akasa Singh

Akasa is a famous singer-songwriter who all of us know and love! Apart from being a mesmerising singer, she is also a popular content creator. We love how she keeps herself updated with the latest trends and takes part in all viral challenges.

6. Ritu Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal is one of our fave singers of all time! She has the voice of an angel and her covers are just mesmerising. Whenever we are feeling down, we just head to her Insta page and listen to her covers, they definitely bring us so much peace and positivity.

7. Gajendra Verma

We absolutely love the kind of music Gajendra Verma creates! He is a talented singer and has come up with multiple great tracks during the lockdown period. Not just that, he is extremely active on Instagram and keeps his audience updated about his new projects, live sessions and much more.

8. Aditya Narayan

Again, Aditya Narayan is a singer who needs no introduction! Over the years he has given us some awesome music and he continues to do so. He is extremely consistent in terms of content as well and strongly believes in staying connected with his audience. His live session along with Udit Narayan is one of our fave and his original YouTube singles are the ones to watch out for.

9. Antara Nandy

Antara is a talented singer from Assam who was also a part of the popular reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs.  We absolutely love scrolling through her Instagram page because she regularly posts her covers and updates about her new music. Also, we love how she is so much in touch with her culture and believes in highlighting it through her music!

10. Ambili Menon

Ambili is a new age singer-songwriter who really knows how to connect with people through her music. She has extremely strong vocals, and we love how she regularly posts beautiful covers on her IGTV. We are completely hooked to her voice and you might too!

11. Sunanda Sharma

Saying that Sunanda is just phenomenal is quite an understatement! She is not just a great singer but also a creative content creator. We love the videos she posts on her page makes sure that her fans are a part of her musical journey!

12. Lisa Mishra

Lisa Mishra is a singer and songwriter based out of Chicago and Mumbai. Over a period of time, she has given us some amazing tracks and recently she was also a part of the India Film Project. She is extremely active on social media platforms and stays in touch with her fans through live sessions. Also, her cover videos literally had us shook!

13. Karan Nawani

Karan Nawani’s voice is literally fabulous! He is an upcoming singer, composer and music producer who is already taking the music world by storm. We can go on and on about how talented he is, why don’t you check out our fun live session with him right here. You might get blown away by his awesome covers with a twist!

14. Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha is one of the most talented singers we know! She has had quite a journey as a musician and is currently a part of Qyuki’s music show ‘Jammin’. Her vocals are absolutely angelic and we always love to make time to listen to her sing her heart out.

These singers make our heart really happy! We love scrolling through their feeds and listening to the covers they post. Music really has the ability to bring so much positivity your way and these talented singers are making sure their music reaches more and more people. Which musician is your fave? Tell us in comments below!

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