The world is changing and new opportunities are always opening. Deciding what path of life to choose and walk on is very important. So, many people tell us to do this or to do that. Recently, a lot of people are choosing content creation as a career. However, we would like to reveal the interesting alternative career options your fave influencers or content creators would choose if they wouldn’t pursue content creation. It is quite fascinating to know and yes, very intriguing to imagine them not creating content and doing something else professionally.

Check it out!

1. Aadil Khan

Even though Aadil Khan is very passionate about dancing, he always dreamed of becoming an actor professionally. Moreover, he learned theatre, worked on his acting skills in Delhi, later set off to the city of dreams to become an actor. In the course of his struggle some magic happened that pulled him back to the roots of his hobby. In the present, he is one heck of a dancer with moves to die for!

2. Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal is one of the leading YouTubers in the country who is known for his character sketches Shonty and Poplu. He has always been experimenting and entertaining his fans with his new creative ideas. Apart from content creation, Harsh was always very active in his college dance society. In fact, if not into acting then he defo would have been an awesome dancer. He totally would have killed it in that field as well!

3. Anmol Sachar

Anmol has always been that bright child right from his schooldays, he topped in studies and everyone believed that he would take the study route. However, he followed his dreams and his heart! As a child, he always wanted to step into the filmmaking industry and now, he is one of the most loved thriving digital content creators. He strongly believes in making an identity out there for himself by telling stories and creating content.

4. Parth Bajaj

If not an amazing food blogger or chef,  Parth Bajaj would definitely be a musician. He was and still is very passionate about music and loves to play all sorts of musical instruments. In the past, he has also been a guitar teacher therefore along with being a big-time foodie he is also a phenomenal musician. Isn’t this just super cool?

5. Karan Nawani

Apart from being the most talented singer, composer and music producer, Karan always was inclined towards creativity. If not what he is today he would be in the media industry, using his creative vision in editing or animating content.

6. Faisal Khan a.k.a Fasbeam

A Finance student ended up being a motovlogger. He always had a special liking for motorbikes and cars that he followed. As he started creating content he ultimately became famous and people loved him for his work. If given a chance to choose an alternative career Faisal would be an Equity Research Analyst working in the finance department of some huge corporate company in New York. Isn’t this just too cool?

7. Esshanya S Maheshwari

A gorgeous blogger, model and artist, her content is truly amazing. She has a hidden talent that is, she loves to paint, sketch and draw. Therefore if not an influencers she would definitely choose a career of becoming an artist. Even now she keeps herself close to art.

8. Rohit Jethwani

‘King of Expression’ as he is known, Rohit is one helluva dancer. We love how energetic he is! Being from a business family background he has always had the skill to be an amazing entrepreneur and would have pursued that if not dancing.

9. Aashi Adani

Aashi Adani is a very young influencer who has stood out from the crowd and has made a mark. She always had a liking towards the marketing field and if not an influencer would take that field as her career.

Well, this was surely insightful, wasn’t it? We hope you got to know some very interesting things about your fave influencers and content creators.

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