9 Things I Experienced When I Gave Up Coffee For 10 Days

Mallika Jhaveri , 12 Nov 2020
9 Things I Experienced When I Gave Up Coffee For 10 Days
9 Things I Experienced When I Gave Up Coffee For 10 Days

Studies have shown that addiction is an inherent part of human nature. We are addicted to things without even realising it. Be it morning walks, dark chocolate post-dinner, or even our smartphones. A very common addiction is caffeine addiction. Some satisfy it with multiple cups of chai and some, like me, with multiple cups of coffee. I used to have two cups of coffee every day with a little milk and stevia. However, I started reading about the harmful effects of coffee, and safe to say, it freaked me out. So, I impulsively decided to go cold turkey. I gave up drinking coffee for 10 days; read on to know what happened to me.

1. Never-Ending Headaches

On Day 1, I was hit hard by headaches. Painful, mind-numbing, and splitting headaches. I felt like a knife was being wedged through my brain. When I didn’t start my day with my cup of coffee, the headaches took over me. These headaches lasted for 4-5 days, and each day was as bad as the last.

2. Strange Exhaustion

Coffee gave me that extra kick I needed to power through the day, and when it was taken away, that kick became one that hit me where it hurt. I was tired throughout the day. This led to laziness and the constant need to lie in bed. This lasted for a few days.

3. Zero Ability To Focus

To say I was distracted would be an understatement. I could not focus on anything for a few days after I gave up coffee. Not on my work (which was not ideal considering I just started my new job), at home, and even on calls with my friends. Trying to focus when your brain resembles a scrambled egg is probably the hardest thing you will ever do.

4. Cranky Irritability

I was on edge 24/7. Even the silliest things would set me off. I actually got mad at my mother when I wore mismatched socks by mistake and blamed my inability to function on the genes she passed on to me. Yes. I did that. When I wasn’t irritated, I was angry, and when I wasn’t angry, I was cranky. It really was a vicious cycle that ended in a few days.

5. Considered Drinking Tea

The single most shameful moment in a coffee drinker’s life is when they consider drinking tea. It’s the ultimate betrayal. Yet, I was considering it for the caffeine. But after smelling it, I knew I’d rather suffer in my caffeine-free hell than put that in my body.

6. Better Quality Of Sleep

After five to six days of hellish struggle, I started feeling better. I didn’t experience any of the above effects, and my egg-brain was now sunny side up. The first thing I noticed in this state, was that I was sleeping a lot better after I gave up drinking coffee. I fell asleep faster as well! Sound, deep sleep is honestly a rare commodity and I was grateful for it.

7. More Energetic

Compared to feeling totally tired before, this came as a surprise. Around Day 6, I noticed a spike in my energy levels. It was weird and made no sense, but it happened! I was more energetic and felt good. I felt more focused, productive and actually eager to get work done (which for me was a first). Who knew giving up coffee could do this?

8. The Green Juice Bandwagon

I needed something to drink in the mornings, and since I wasn’t going anywhere near chai, I decided to try the next best thing which was green juice. Those Instagram famous concoctions of celery, spinach, avocado, and essentially anything green. It looked gross but seemed promising. And it didn’t taste as bad either! I felt cleansed and extremely cool while drinking it.

9. Glowing Skin

Like most Indian skin, mine gets tiny bumps, randomly becomes red and looks like leather on some days. But 10 days after giving up coffee, I noticed a positive change in my skin. The bumps went away and it was smoother and more glowy. I did some research and learned that coffee releases heat in the body which can lead to breakouts. The lack of extra heat did wonders for my skin!

After 10 whole days of living a coffee-free life, I felt like a changed woman. I never knew I had it in me, but I did and boy, did I feel accomplished! This was my Everest. However, I gave into my coffee craving self on Day 11. But, I no longer have two cups a day! Just one in the mornings. I make it less strong as well. So it’s safe to say, giving up coffee for 10 days, did benefit me. Here are some suggestions I have for those who are willing to give up coffee:

  • Don’t give up trying for at least a week
  • The headaches, crankiness and irritation will definitely end, so do not lose hope
  • Don’t go cold turkey. Ease into giving up coffee

Have you ever given up coffee? Please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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