Our fave festival, Diwali is just around the corner and all social media platforms are currently lit up with festive pictures and posts. This occasion gives us an opportunity to connect with our loved ones and express gratitude. However, we are amidst a pandemic so we have to celebrate this festival while keeping social distancing in mind. Today, Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms! Since October 2020, more than 4 million people have spoken about Diwali through more than 7.5 million posts and comments on Facebook. So, it’s about time you jump onto this bandwagon and find out what’s new and trending on Facebook this Diwali!

Diwali Hashtags On Facebook (Source: Sprout Social)
Hashtags On Facebook (Source: Sprout Social)

Facebook is one platform that is bustling with conversations during the festive season. Apart from bringing joy, Diwali also brings us a lot of gifts! So, needless to say, ‘gift ideas’ and ‘Diwali decor’ are somethings that are trending on Facebook. A lot of people are exploring handmade gifting options and online shopping has also seen a major spike. If you are searching for something similar, here are the top 10 trending hashtags on Facebook that you can search for!

  1. #diwali2020
  2. #diwaligifts
  3. #diwalidecor
  4. #happydiwali
  5. #homedecor
  6. #handmade
  7. #vocalforlocal
  8. #giftideas
  9. #onlineshopping
  10. #diwalisweets

Facebook also launched fun new features for Diwali

This social media giant spruced up our virtual celebrations with new and exciting features! This includes personalised greetings with customized avatars. It also gives us an opportunity to encourage our friends and family to participate in fun challenges and spread festivity online.

1. Challenge your close ones on Facebook

#DiwaliAtHomeChallenge (Source: Facebook)
#DiwaliAtHomeChallenge (Source: Facebook)

With the #DiwaliAtHomeChallenge, you can share a photo or video of how you plan to celebrate your festival. You can also create Diwali related DIY decor and share it among your friends with the hashtag, #DIYDiwaliChallenge. You can take part in this challenge by tapping on the ‘try it’ button on other challenges posted on your feed. We cannot wait to try these fun challenges ourselves!

2. Dress up your Avatar

Personalized festive avatars (Source: Facebook)
Personalized festive avatars (Source: Facebook)

Now, you can make your celebratory posts more expressive with the special edition Diwali-themed avatars background. You can type your post in any language over these stunning backgrounds and also get a personalized avatar matched to the theme.

We are all set to try these fun challenges and search for some trending hashtags this Diwali! Tell us about your virtual Diwali plans in comments below!

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