Today is #WorldKindnessDay and it got us thinking—why is it that we dedicate only one day to kindness? We should celebrate kindness all day, every day! Content creators and influencers work really hard to create unique and entertaining content. But how often do we recognize and appreciate them with kind words? We must encourage, shower love and support them. Some ways through which one can be kind to creators are by complimenting, giving positive criticism and encouraging them for their hard work. Here are some creators and influencers who shared the kind of negativity they face on social media platforms and what they would like to hear instead!

Check it out :

1. Malini Agarwal

Boss lady, Malini Agarwal has accomplished so much in her professional life! She started out as a blogger and today she has her own entertainment company. Here’s what she has to say,

I guess the one comment that always bothered me was assuming I have a fake accent when the reason for my accent is doing my entire schooling from 0-17 in American/International school. I would like to hear that whatever my accent, the things I say, have empathy and kindness and add positivity to the world!

2. Sejal Kumar

Sejal is one of the most prominent fashion icons for many out there, We strongly agree with what she has to say about being generous and supporting others,

The one hate comment I get is that, Sejal, you have zero talent and you absolutely suck so stop trying. One thing I would like to hear is that Sejal, you are insanely talented and you have been working so hard and we have seen you grow so much from when you started out. Keep going, we will support you!

3. Anmol Sachar

Anmol is a talented content creator who strongly believes in making a unique and unforgettable identity for himself. Check out what he has to say about the kind comments one must write,

There is not one specific comment but in my case, it’s either nothing or extreme hate. So it would be something like one I got randomly “your mom and dad should die in a car accident” I mean why? Bro, so instead of that the positive comment could be something which is more constructive as to what about my content made him think that way.

4. Viraj Ghelani

We all know and love Viraj purely for his relatable and entertaining content. His views about being kind and refraining from criticizing others hard work is as follows,

It’s not a hate comment *touchwood* I have never received any ‘hate’ hate as of now! But one comment that I get is “Bro, kya same kapde pehnta rehta hai”.  As I am too lazy to wear something new! This should not matter if I can put up a smile on your face, that’s my win, not the appearance or the attire.

5. Shivani Singh

As a phenomenal actor and talented influencer, here’s what Shivani has to say on World Kindness Day,

As an influencer, I receive all sorts of comments. I’ve become quite thick-skinned as a person but I feel people are just so frustrated. Being abusive and mean is how they take out their frustration because it’s just easy, whereas being kind is the one thing that needs courage. So, on world kindness day I would like to tell people that although we always have a smile on our faces trying and creating content for you guys even we might be having a hard day, you guys need to sit back for a moment and realize that even we are trying new things and learning to be a responsible and better influencer in your life. In a world where you can be anything, learn to be kind because in spite of everything that the world needs the most is kindness and compassion.

6. Abhinav Arora

Abhinav is a very dynamic content creator and is always experimenting trying to reach out and educate others. Check out what he has to tell to everyone out there about spreading positivity and appreciation,

Here’s something that happens to me often, when someone disagrees with what I’ve said—they either use abusive words or call me manipulative or make fun of my accent even. However, I strongly believe there’s more than one side to an idea, and I’m always open to a conversation in my DMs if they want a healthy discussion! That’s what I wish they’d do differently & frame their thoughts instead of abusing me because something that we could discover from conflicting ideas is then lost? That’s the point of building a community on Instagram.

7. Aarya Vora

Aarya’s content is so relatable and genuine that we are always hooked to her Instagram feed! Here’s what she has to say,

Once someone commented, “Anyone can look beautiful with makeup” and asked me to post a picture without makeup. Ironically, I often post photos of my no-makeup morning look in my stories. But I would love them to comment on some positive on my natural beauty. People should not judge a book by its cover.

All of their answers are so heart-warming and kind. We love how they aim to spread positivity and awareness about appreciating creators and complimenting them to do better. So, on #WorldKindnessDay, let’s appreciate and encourage all the amazing influencers and creators we have around us and the effort they put in to entertain their audience. It is these small gestures of kindness that mean the most, don’t you agree?

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