World Kindness Day: A Dummies Guide To Being Kind

Mallika Jhaveri , 13 Nov 2020

An image on Pinterest reads, “Kindness is free, so sprinkle it everywhere”, and the truth in that statement calls out to us. With all the burdens, pressures and selfishness around us, many have forgotten how to be kind. We are ever ready to be mean and judgemental, but kindness takes real effort. Today is World Kindness Day and our world needs kindness more than ever. Here is your very own guide to being kind and unleashing your inner Sonu Sood.

1. Say “Please” And “Thank You”

We all learned this as children, but we barely practice this as adults. Saying your golden words takes no effort but makes all the difference. It’s respectful and classy. Even Ariana Grande said “Thank You” to her salty exes! If she can, you can. Say it to your friends, family, and even enemies (keep them guessing, right?).

2. Smile A Little More

An RBF is not kind. You may think you’re looking cool and mysterious, but you’re actually looking unapproachable and mean. A smile, however, looks kind and friendly. Plus, it nudges people to be nice to you as well!

3. Don’t Ignore Your Grandparent’s Whatsapp Forwards

All our grandparents are hopping on the smartphone train, and the first station is sending lengthy Whatsapp forwards every morning, and evening, and night. While it is annoying, it isn’t unbearable. Cut them some slack! You don’t have to read them! Just send a thumbs up or a smiley emoji their way now and then. Don’t ghost them! I personally send the same messages back to my grandparents, and they don’t even notice.

4. Stop Bargaining For A Few Measly Bucks

We cannot stress this enough. If you are haggling for Rs. 10 or Rs. 20, you need to stop. By saving this money, your net worth is not going to increase. While this amount makes no difference to you, it makes a huge difference to your vendors. Be more kind and learn to let go of those few bucks.

5. Stop Abusing Telemarketers

When was the last time you were actually nice to a telemarketer? We’re guessing never. It’s easy to lose our cool with them, abuse and hang up on them. They always seem to call at the worst possible time. But, they’re doing their job! They’re not calling you because they want to, they’re being paid to. And we need to understand that and be nicer to them. Imagine how many people must be rude to them. Instead, you should nicely tell them you’re not interested and respectfully end the call.

6. Share Your French Fries

See the silver lining in this! By sharing your fries, you’re also sharing the calories that come with it! You may not like it, but your waistline will thank you.

7. Don’t Snap Your Fingers At Waiters

People who snap their fingers to call waiters are the absolute worst. If you fall into this category, you need to climb out of it NOW. They are human beings and should never be snapped at. Imagine if someone snapped their fingers at you? How small would you feel? Additionally, never forget that waiters have the power to spit in your food, and in times of COVID-19, that is lethal. So be nice and very respectful to them.

8. Tell Your Parents You Love Them And Thank Them

We take our parents, and their sacrifices for granted all the time. This Kindness Day, shower them with gratitude. Hug them and tell them you love and appreciate them. If you can, buy them some time away from you as well!

9. Don’t Judge Someone When They Say An English Word Wrong

This is the single most elitist thing to do. For the majority of Indians, English is not their first language. You can’t expect them to sound like Sir David Attenborough. Don’t snigger, chuckle or cheekily smile when they mispronounce a word. And do not judge them (or their background) for it either. It can break their confidence, make them feel small and it will definitely make them hate you. So, be nicer and more understanding.

10. Help The Homeless

This is important and very kind. Help the homeless in any way you can. Many people are uncomfortable giving them money, and that is understandable, Instead, you can help in other ways. Buy the pens and stickers they sell (they literally cost nothing), give them food, donate your old clothes to them or even get them new ones. It’s mean to treat them badly, so don’t do it.

Being kind is the ultimate virtue. It costs nothing but means everything. Also, it’s great karma and your golden ticket to the ultimate heaven.

What are the different ways you impart kindness? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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