Diwali, India’s favourite festival is finally here and it is the light (literally) at the end of the very dark tunnel that is 2020. It’s the season of familial love, traditions, colourful diyas, gifts, and all sorts of joys. However, sometimes we commit certain Diwali crimes that ruin the festival for everybody around us.

Here are 5 Diwali crimes that you should not commit this year (or any year):

1. Burst Crackers

Please don’t commit this Diwali crime. When you burst crackers, you are basically –

  • Polluting the environment. The air becomes toxic and the leftover waste is probably dumped into the sea or in a landfill where it will never decompose and potentially damage multiple ecosystems.
  • Scaring animals. Whether they’re on the streets or in our homes, animals get very scared of loud crackers. It’s heartbreaking to see your dog or cat cry and shiver in fear. It’s traumatic for them. Plus, people who harm animals are the worst people in the world. Don’t be one of them!
  • Supporting child labour. Most of these firecrackers are made by children. They’re underpaid, unprotected from the chemicals and treated horribly.

That boomerang of your phooljhadi is just not worth it. Save your money (you’d rather spend it on some good food) and don’t burst any crackers.

2. Not Pay Your Gambling Debt

Don’t play the game if you can’t follow the rules. It’s very annoying when someone insists on playing and then loses and all of a sudden the phrases, “I’ll pay you later, don’t worry”, “Are you seriously going to take money from me?”, “Oh, were we really playing for money?” and “I forgot my wallet, sorry” start coming forth. Diwali is the time for extravagance, not cheapness.

3. Gift Someone Last Year’s Dry Fruits

The feeling of receiving a packet of stale dry fruits is cringeworthy to another level. It is a Diwali crime one should never commit. Because no matter how convinced you are that the receiver will not notice, they will. They will notice, judge and probably regift those same dry fruits back to you next year. Instead of keeping the dry fruits in storage for a year, donate them!

4. Mithai-Shame People

All mithais are beautiful, no matter their shape or size. And looking down upon on a mithai because it’s a unique flavour or a certain texture is not in the spirit of this festive sea-soan (Yes, soan papdi haters, this one is for you). Additionally, don’t shame those who are eating these sweets! Keep the dieting, weight watching and the “You just ate dinner” comments at bay! Diwali is a time to eat, sleep and breathe mithais and no one should say otherwise.

5. Have a Diwali Bash

The year is ending, but COVID-19 is not. Please don’t have Diwali parties. If you are invited to one, don’t attend it either. It’s irresponsible. This Diwali aims to spread joy, not coronavirus. Taking part in a large gathering is a Diwali crime that will genuinely cost you.

Diwali is a beautiful time. Enjoy it happily, smartly and safely!

What Diwali crimes do you dislike the most? Share it with us in the comments below.

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