10 Ways Of Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Suruchi Patwary , 16 Nov 2020
Difficult Boss By fizkes | www.shutterstock,com
Difficult Boss By fizkes | www.shutterstock,com

A boss can make an employee look forward to going to work or dread at the thought of it! And if it’s the latter, we all know how frustrating and exhausting it can get. Not just that, having a difficult boss can actually affect your mental and physical health too. And let’s be real, quitting your job because of your boss may not always be a feasible solution. So, what do you do? Should you continue working under pressure and make your health worse? Absolutely not!

We spoke to Psychologist Anagha Bhave for tips on how to deal with a difficult boss. And she’s given us 10 ways we can do so. If you or someone you know is going through a similar situation, I’d suggest you scroll down and give this a read. It might help make your work life a bit easier to deal with.

1. Think About The Reasons

First and foremost, try to think about why you find it difficult to deal with your boss? Very often, our tolerance for other’s behaviour depends on our outlook/insecurities. So you need to ask yourself, do they trigger an insecurity in you? Thinking about this is useful because you may not be able to change your boss but you can manage your coping style.

2. Communication Style

Check your communication style as well! Being too aggressive or too passive will only increase your problems. Instead, try to be assertive—polite yet firm.

3. Think Ahead

Try to understand your boss’ likes and dislikes and work accordingly. You may be able to enhance your relationship with them!

4. Find Support

Find support in a spouse/colleagues/friends who may be able to understand your difficulty and give you empathy.

5. Don’t Take It Personally

Remember not to take every criticism/outburst personally. If this is their general communication style, the likelihood is that they talk to others in the same way when they’re displeased.

6. Focus On Your Energy

Focus or reorient your energy and attention to your own input/effort rather than worrying and excessively focussing on impressing your boss.

7. Be Compassionate Towards Yourself

Hold compassion for yourself and don’t dismiss or criticise yourself for feeling sad or hurt when they speak to you badly. Working under or closely with someone difficult is bound to be hard. Be easy on yourself.

8. Celebrate Small Successes

Just because they may be overly critical doesn’t mean you have to do it to yourself too! Allow yourself to enjoy small wins and celebrate the little successes on the way.

9. Don’t Make False Promises

A lot of times, we tend to make false promises under pressure. Don’t make false promises that go beyond your skill set or job description just to keep them happy or to impress them. It can backfire easily!

10. Appreciate Their Good Side

Working with a difficult boss is hard. But to make it better for your own mental peace, periodically try to appreciate your boss’ good qualities too. Don’t fall short on giving credit where it’s due!

We hope these tips by Psychologist Anagha Bhave help you get through your work life and make it easier to deal with your difficult boss!

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