Social media is all about creating good quality content. People consider this as an easy process, however, the effort and hard work that goes behind it is a lot. These days, content creation has become a very successful career option if used correctly. An entertaining field that requires engaging ideas, creativity and a great connection with the audience. There are multiple talented influencers and creators who have made a mark on social media and now have the following in millions. If you are a passionate content creator then here are some pro-tips coming straight from some of our fave creators. They have experienced a lot professionally and their advice will surely help you grow. Here’s what you need in order to enter and become successful in the world of content creation.

Here are some mind-blowing tips!

1.  Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish is one of the biggest YouTubers in our country and has become a youth icon. Here’s what he believes one must follow to become a content creator,

The one piece of advice I would want to give is that when I started my YouTube channel, the only reason today I am at this level is because I gave something new during that time. Most importantly that it was not in the market, maybe the topics and content were there but I added my own flavour and this is what works. So. the best advice I can give is to be different since the market is saturated with a lot of content so the one who is different is standing out. Therefore try to be unique and be yourself.

2. Amit Bhadana

Amit is a popular content creator whose comedy timing is on point and everyone loves him for his entertaining talent. Check out his advice to all upcoming creators out there,

Main toh hamesha yeh hi kehta hoon ki original rahein. Ek hota hai ki aapka andar se mann hai ki apko yeh karna hai aur dusra hota hai ki aap forcefully kar rahein hain. Ap dekhte hai ki Amit ne videos banai, aur Amit ka naam theek thaak ho gaya, toh main bhi bana leta hoon, toh shayad mera bhi naam ho jayega. Iske chakar mein aap apna asli talent mar detein hain. Kya pata aap achhe video nahi banate lekin aap achha football khelte ho, ya padhai karte ho toh forcefully kuch na karein.

3. Shalini Samuel a.k.a @knot_me_pretty

Shalini is a pioneer in beauty blogging and we are always hooked to her content. Here’s a great tip to all the budding creators and influencers from her,

One tip that I would give to budding creators is to stand out! Anything that you feel is probably not done on the internet, if you can stand out or do something out-of-the-box I think that works really well. Something that is not seen before, super entertaining or with a wow factor in your content really works well. Keep your passion alive, do it in a way or show it in a way that people have not seen before. Be a little different that’s the way your content will stand out. Lastly, just try to stand out with your content as much as you can.

4. Natasha Luthra

Natasha is a gorgeous creator whose talent speaks for her. We love how she is always dedicated and tries to create innovative content. Here’s what her advice is for the upcoming creators,

I would suggest that one must do their research to decide their niche and not just quit their job one fine day. It has to be a calculated decision, it’s their life and it has to make sense financially! One must be practical; one can’t live on passion. Doing it simultaneously with their job and yes giving in their 100%, and then they will definitely see results.

5. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow is a superb travel vlogger whose talent made her stand out from the clutter. Check out her tips to creators right here,

One thing that comes to my mind is that don’t be too harsh on yourself. Now, of course, everybody wants to hustle and becomes a bigger better version of themselves and we are all stuck in this vicious cycle of the hustle culture. Everyone wants to create content everybody wants to prove that their passion is meaningful and something that they can earn a living out of. But, at least on the onset of your journey as a creator don’t take it as a means of monetization, follow your passion if you are truly eager and you really want to do this just for yourself and for your art not for any other reason. Especially when you start and eventually if you keep at it it will turn to a monetization opportunity as well.

6. Parth Bajaj

Parth is a phenomenal food blogger whose content always makes us drool. We love his feed and totally agree with what he has to say,

There are many tips and advice out of which the first one would be that one should not give up easily. The second would be to not create content just for the followers. if you will keep running behind the numbers you will definitely give up very soon ,you must do it for yourself. It should make you feel good, should come automatically from within. The third tip would be to post regularly as consistency is very important it makes people stay engaged and hooked to your work. So post at least 5-6 times a week or maybe daily or even twice a day if possible. Lastly, one should not copy other’s content and should be as original as they can be!

7. Karan Nawani

Karan is an amazing singer and content creator whose voice is truly magical. Here’s what he has to say to all creators who wish to leave their mark,

I personally feel that people should not see what others are doing, what happens nowadays is that people invest time looking at what others are creating so rather than that they must focus on themselves and what they want to achieve. Also, do not copy others content and be original and create your own content and ideas. One must not work for the fame but for showing your talent and skill out there.

Well, this was surely insightful, wasn’t it? We hope these amazing bits of advice help you in growing your channel or page. Whose advice motivated you the most? Tell us in comments below!

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