Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

Everyone has a story of struggle behind them, however successful and famous they may be right now. Taapsee Pannu is truly one of the most talented actresses on the block today and there is no denying that. But she also had her share of not-so-great times in the industry which she opened up about recently.

In an interview with Filmfare, the actress shared that she was considered a ‘bad luck charm’ and producers shied away from signing her on in their films. She says she has been told that she is ‘not pretty enough’ and that has been replaced in a film because the hero’s wife didn’t want her to be a part of it.

Taapsee also shockingly reveals an incident where a hero didn’t like her dialogue and asked her to change it, but when she refused to do it, they went ahead and changed it behind her back during the dubbing. Not just this, She also spoke about how a hero wanted her introduction scene to be changed because he thought it ‘overpowered’ his. She also says that she has been asked to slash her price for a film as the hero’s previous film had failed and they wanted to control the budget.

She goes on to say that after facing such misogyny and unfairness, she decided that she would only take up projects that she is happy to do. Even though a woman who wants to do strong roles get tagged a certain way and are not made leading ladies of big-budget films, Taapsee says that is a risk she didn’t mind taking. And might we say, it was worked out amazingly in her favour up until now!

The actress has a great line-up of films that include Haseen Dilruba, Rashmi Rocket and Loop Lapeta. I sure cannot wait to see her in these films very soon!