When You Finally Crack The Code To Sustainable Beauty Routine (Source: Giphy|www.giphy.com)
When You Finally Crack The Code To A Sustainable Beauty Routine (Source: Giphy|www.giphy.com)

It’s difficult to be a conscious consumer when you’re an avid buyer of products in the beauty industry. Especially when these clean, sustainable products and brands cost you more than the regular, basic drugstore ones! Admittedly, it can get confusing at times, especially if you’re wanting to make little changes with your beauty product consumption and contribute to a better world and safer alternative. Given the fact that our skin and makeup routines do tend to create a bit of waste, I started hunting for sustainable alternatives and changed up my lifestyle and beauty routine to the best I could…

Here are 5 ways you can do it too!

#1. Less is more

It’s important to Marie Condo your makeup bag now and then. Pick products that you use daily, like your concealer or foundation and do away with multiple shades of lipstick or blushes. I know this is extremely hard if you’re a hoarder but you can always invest smartly in a multipurpose product. For instance, I love using a liquid blush that can be used as a lip and cheek tint. This way, I not only save my money but also invest in a sustainable alternative.

My Cart During A Sephora Sale (Source: Giphy|www.giphy.com)
My Cart During A Sephora Sale (Source: Giphy|www.giphy.com)

#2. Say goodbye to makeup wipes

Multiple studies show the potential damage caused by a single makeup wipe. Apart from cutting down on trees,  makeup wipes aren’t great for your skin either. It’s super harsh and can cause further irritation to your skin. The best alternative to a makeup wipe is a soft terrycloth. My favourites include MakeUp Eraser or the inexpensive Miniso makeup terrycloths. Although for a one-time investment, the washcloth will last longer and help you stay conscious!

The Original Makeup Eraser (Source: Sephora| www.sephora.com)
The Original MakeUp Eraser (Source: Sephora| www.sephora.com)

#3. Invest your money in transparent brands

This one is a little difficult owing to the limited sustainable beauty market. Yet, there are a limited number of ethical brands that have been doing some phenomenal work in the beauty industry. I personally support brands that are transparent about their manufacturing process, plastic use, labour laws and cruelty-free policies. Try to educate yourself and consume products from makeup brands like NYX Cosmetics and ELF that are ethical and great options for affordable alternatives.

NYX Cruelty Free Makeup Setting Spray (Source: NYX Cosmetics| www.nyxcosmetics.com)
NYX Cruelty-Free Makeup Setting Spray (Source: NYX Cosmetics| www.nyxcosmetics.com)

#4. Focus on packaging

Plastic is one of the biggest evils of sustainable living. Try to reuse empty plastic containers from used up products. Pinterest is full of DIY ideas that encourage this. If not that, buy products that a packaged in glass or metal cases that can be refilled easily. For instance, invest in a Z Palette that can store and replace multiple magnetic eyeshadows and blush pans in one place. The best part about it is that one case can last forever!

Resusable Z Palette (Source: Beauty Bay| www.beautybay.com)
Reusable Z Palette (Source: Beauty Bay| www.beautybay.com)

#5. Promote local brands

Another aspect of sustainable living is to promote and support our growing Indie makeup brands. I’ve personally loved and enjoyed makeup coming from clean vegan brands like Ruby Organics, Disguise Cosmetics and Fae Beauty. All these brands are homegrown, cruelty-free and completely ethical in their practices. In addition to that, their products are worth the hype!

Pink Trekker 06 by Disguise Cosmetics (Source: Disguise Cosmetics| www.disguisecosmetics.com)
Pink Trekker 06 by Disguise Cosmetics (Source: Disguise Cosmetics| www.disguisecosmetics.com)

There’s a lot of introspection and reading that goes into practising a sustainable makeup routine but it’s not that difficult once you get a hang of the dos and don’ts. Plus, it feels great to make a difference!

Have you thought of switching up your makeup routine? Comment below what you think.

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