We all can listen to music anytime and anywhere, don’t you agree? For most of us, music is like a safe haven. All of us have a unique taste and like to listen to different kinds of music. Creators use various platforms to showcase their talent and reach out to their followers. One such YouTuber is Salil Jamdar, a multi-talented, actor, singer and writer. He creates authentic music and his content always has us hooked to our screens and speakers. Here’s everything you need to know about this dynamic musical maestro!

Who is Salil Jamdar?

Salil is a computer engineer by qualification who has cleared IIT JEE back in his high school days. He gave up on his 9-5 job to follow his passion for acting and writing. As a singer, he is trained in Hindustani classical music. At the moment, Salil is a super talented YouTuber with over a million views on most of his videos. He believes in making his audiences and fans “laugh hard and think harder”. His content always has some elements of sarcasm, emotion and comedy. Salil’s new channel Salil Jamdar & Co.‘ has multiple parodies and originals that are extremely entertaining and relatable. They are truly eye-openers from all angles!

All about his content

Salil is a well-known YouTuber with some famous and mind-blowing videos like Asli Gully Boy, Marry-You-Anna song and Zingaat Starkid parody. He has been creating viral content since 2016 and has achieved a lot since then. His melodious voice, meaningful lyrics, amazing video concepts and humour were all seen in his parody on the then fastest-growing and known Indian YouTube channel Shuddh Desi Gaane. However, the owner of the Shuddh Desi Gaane channel suddenly stopped the channel for unknown reasons. Salil’s journey of 19 hit parodies, one of which featured SRK himself came to standstill. But, a couple of years later he came back with a brand new channel of his own called ‘Salil Jamdar & Co.’ and in less than 6 months his videos were touching a million views. His content is really achieving some great milestones and now his channel is etching close to half a million subscribers. We are so proud of Salil and can’t wait to see everything he has in store for us!

Salil’s new single: ‘Tere Jaane Se

Salil is on a winning streak as he is releasing his new independent song ‘Tere Jaane Se’ on his YouTube channel. The music video has beautiful scenic views of Manali and Rohtang Pass. The track features Salil Jamdar and Primita Lobo and it is sung, written and directed by Salil himself. This song is about how pure first love is and we are already excited to listen to this lovely track.

Here’s what Salil has to say about his experiences,

Art is power. In every era, some art forms have the power to influence and even bring about a revolution. I believe that in our era, Audio-Visual Entertainment is that art form. I consider myself very lucky to have been blessed with abilities in music, visual storytelling, performing, comedy etc. which together define Audio-Visual Entertainment. I also very strongly believe in this line spoken by Uncle Ben to Peter Parker (Spiderman): ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Through my content, I have and will always try to bring something that is entertaining, but also something that goes beyond entertainment and touches the viewer, changes something inside him for good. This time through ‘Tere Jaane Se‘, I am doing the same, but the approach is slightly different from that of my earlier videos. Hope this does it’s job well too!”

We love how Salil started his journey into the world of creation. Even though it was a bumpy ride, today he has achieved a lot of love from his fans and is doing incredibly well. Moreover, we absolutely adore him for his attitude! If you still haven’t checked out his channel you are seriously missing out on something. Click here to check out his YouTube channel!

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