These days we have seen multiple men and women on Instagram talk about having self-confidence and accepting ourselves just the way we are even though digital media is responsible for encouraging unrealistic beauty standards. There’s always a bright side to everything! Many creators try their best to motivate, inspire and make a positive change on these digital mediums by promoting body positivity, self-love and building self-esteem. One such influencer is Sakshi Sindwani who is also known as Stylemeupwithsakshi. She is the queen of confidence and we love how she creates such amazing and mind-blowing content. Here are a few posts of her that will immediately motivate you and boost your self-esteem!

Here they are:

1. How are you so confident?

We love how she embraces her unique qualities and not pay attention to what others say or think about her. She has always managed to show her real bubbly nature to her audience. In this post, she has been open about her issues and how it’s normal to experience it. Moreover, We love how she spoke so casually about being confident and doing what she loves. This one is definitely a reminder to everyone out there that nothing is more important than accepting yourself just the way you are! Moreover, doing everything you like to with your head held high.

2. Never giving up on any viral challenge

Society always has opinions about how one should look, weigh or dress but we must rise above it and love ourselves. Sakshi has stolen our hearts with her content and we love when she takes part in viral challenges. Her cutesy smile always stands out and reminds us to enjoy our individuality.

3. #BothAreMeChallenge

YAS QUEEN! You are totally killing it on social media by being original and natural. As a popular body-positive model and an avid influencer, she strongly believes in breaking all societal stereotypes. We love how she’s super confident about herself and this globally inspires many women!

4. Awesome dance videos

As we all know, Sakshi is passionate about dancing and loves to make dance videos. Her moves and expressions are just perfect, aren’t they? Nothing stops her from doing what she likes and we love how she manages to give out such a positive vibe.

5. Fam jam

Sakshi’s parents have been her backbone and have always supported her. They have been quite active and created some cool content together as well. We love how cute all her family videos and photos are! This one definitely steals the show for us and stands out from the rest.

6. Keep going

Sakshi has always put her confidence first and self-acceptance above everything else. Her content puts out a strong message for everyone out there especially those who are insecure about themselves. Moreover, her feed is full of positivity and we can literally scroll through it for hours!

We all aspire to be as confident and real on social media platforms as she is! Sakshi is definitely breaking stereotypes and sending a strong message of loving yourself with pride. Such creators are always inspiring and make us love ourselves even more, right?

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