Content creation is one field that is ever-changing and dynamic. Every day multiple new creators are coming and winning their audience’s heart through their relatable content. Recently, we have seen a significant shift in how the youth consumes content. As we all know, our attention span has reduced drastically! In a time like this, multiple new-age creators have come forward and are entertaining us with their creative content. We absolutely love how they are keeping things real but are able to hit us right in the feels. These set of young creators have got fairly popular because of their amazing audience connect. Check them out for some hilariously accurate content!

Here they are:

1. Srishti Dixit

Since the last few months, Srishti has been winning the internet with her hilarious videos. Her Reels are extremely relatable and we find her expressions so funny! Not just that, her ‘Pintu‘ series reminded us of our innocent childhood days. Every individual might relate to the nostalgic factor in her videos and hence stay hooked to her content.

2. Krutika a.k.a @themermaidscales

Krutika’s content is as quirky as her username! She is extremely popular for her eccentric and out-of-the-box makeup. However, it’s her short videos and Reels that have got us hooked to her page. Those small 15-30 seconder videos are basically based on day-to-day things but they are extremely accurate. Also, her feed is full of mind-blowing looks that she curates and we literally cannot get over her creativity.

3. Vishnu Kaushal

Excuse us while we go and fangirl over how handsome, adorable, talented and relatable Vishnu Kaushal is! His casual ranting Reels and comic sketches are full of humour and are extremely accurate. A lot of his content is popular among youngsters because he is a complete package, isn’t he?

4. Niharika NM

Her videos are hitting so many of us right in the feels! Niharika is a content creator based out of India and California. Her Reels are making rounds on the Internet because all of us can relate to her. We love how new-age creators like her don’t shy away from showing their real self on social media. Youngsters vibe with their content because they can relate to their daily experiences and new age opinions. Niharika’s videos are literally big mood!

5. Sakshi Shivdasani

We all know Sakshi as she was a part of a popular reality show on MTV. However, she shot to fame once she started making funny and relatable videos on her Instagram. The youth today vibes to a very different kind of humour and Sakshi knows exactly how to tap that. Her videos are super chill and will give you a sense of comfort. Moreover, we find her sketches super funny and creative!

6. Aqeel Hyder

If you belong to the millennial or Gen-Z squad, you are no stranger to Aqeel’s hilarious Reels! His ideas are banger and his short videos are so accurate. Aqeel creates content on a range of day-to-day things and presents his opinions in a humorous way. His videos garner millions of views purely because his light-hearted videos are so accurate. Also, can we take a minute and appreciate how stunning he looks all the time?

7. Agasthya Shah

Agasthya is an 18-year-old dynamic content creator who is taking the internet by storm with his Instagram Reels. He currently has more than 165k followers on Instagram and is growing by the light of speed. His content is super relatable for all teenagers and we love how Agasthya conducts Zoom calls with his fans. The kind of audience content he has is simply amazing!

8. Jharna Bhagwani

Here’s another 18-year-old whose content is doing rounds on social media. She is extremely popular for her quirky makeup and so many youngsters find her content eccentric (in a wonderful way). If you are looking to watch some mind-blowing content, her Instagram page is the place to be!

These young creators are changing the course of content and we are loving this dynamic shift! They are tapping a new set of audience with their relatable videos. The youth is always looking for something new and these creators are bringing just that. Out of this talented bunch, who do you like the most? Tell us in comments below!

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