Gossip Girl—the television show that dominated most of our teenage years and introduced us to the world of fashion, scandal and privilege. Aired in 2007, the show ran for a good 6 seasons and 5 and a half years. We all came to love and mimick the persona of the protagonists, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen who became style icons in their own right. It is one of the first few television shows that is relatable to our era, and of course, had us all hooked. In fact, many boys were also addicted to watching the fabulous life of these Upper East Siders. Till date, Gossip Girl is largely spoken about and will always remain a fan favourite.

Hence, when the news of the reboot was announced, everyone was over the moon. The new version will feature the school, same signature steps by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, savvy couture school-uniforms but fresh new faces and a new Gossip Girl on social media rather than the outdated web. Additionally, the impact of social media, bloggers and influencers will largely feature in this current version. The reboot is more relevant to current times in many more ways as well. For instance, we will see a racial mix of actors which was missing in the original version, along with queer characters and content. After 9 whole years since the debut, the reboot will not necessarily replicate the original characters. While we can expect some similarity in the concepts such as “Lonely Boy” and “Little J”, most of the characters have a fresh identity.

Nevertheless, we will always look for Serena and Blair in the new cast. Here is to hoping for some similarities to our favourite characters. In a few months, these actors will take over the online world. So let’s get an early start and begin familiarising ourselves with them. Starting with reviewing the cast and what we can expect from their style and character.

Scroll below to have a look at this generations Upper East Siders:

1) Emily Alyn Lind

18-year old Emily is an actor and musician who will star as Audrey, one of the lead characters in the upcoming series. With those blonde locks, there are speculations that her role is going to be similar to that of Serena or Jenny Humphrey. If she looks familiar, it is because we have seen her in other popular shows such as Revenge and Code Black. Her Instagram style seems relatively simple and relaxed. However, we are still kept in the dark about her wardrobe for the show. So far, we know that her character is in a committed relationship and curious about other options out there. Let’s see what the show has to unravel about Audrey.

2) Evan Mock

Making his acting debut is Hawaiin model and skateboard star, Evan Mock. Having walked the runway many times, Evan is already accustomed to luxury brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dior. Hence, we are sure he will be a shoo-in as an Upper East Sider. His funky pink hair and trendy fashion style leave us anticipating the many exciting looks we can expect from his character. While we still don’t much about the role he is going to play, be ready for an explosive role along the lines of the infamous Chuck Bass with a queer twist.

3) Eli Brown

The casting crew has somehow managed to find the doppelganger of actor, Penn Badgley, who plays Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. While other cast members leave us wondering of who they might play; there is little left to the imagination after seeing Eli Brown. We can picture him as the new lonely boy in simple outfits and ruffled hair. The 19-year old actor is famous from his role on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists as Dylan Walker and has starred in 2 films as well. With over 113k followers already, we are looking forward to seeing whether he really will be the new Dan.

4) Savannah Lee Smith

We are desperately in search for the new Queen Bee, and actor Savannah seems the closest fit so far. In a tweed blazer, sassy laugh and killer heels—we are assuming her character Monet will be the new cool girl at Constance Billard. Rumours have it that newcomer Savannah is playing a lead role in the reboot. Fingers crossed, our guess is right. Her Instagram vibe seems fun and fashionable, so we are excited to see what her on-screen character brings to the show as she has some pretty big shoes to fill in.

5) Zión Moreno

We are on the lookout for the next Serena van der Woodsen as much as we are for Blair. After observing Mexican-American actor Zion’s vibe from the stills, it seems most similar to that of Serena. The unimpressed expression and funky attire all point towards our favourite blonde. Moreno began her career as a model and has appeared on a few shoes before Gossip Girl 2.0. From whatever we’ve seen so far, her role seems exciting because her ensemble speaks volumes. We have some high expectations from this one!

Which character are you most excited to see on screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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