Exclusive: Anita Hassanandani Responds To Those Who Asked Her To Stop Posting About Her Pregnancy

Shubanka Sridhar , 24 Nov 2020
Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy (Source: Instagram | @anitahassanandani)
Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy (Source: Instagram | @anitahassanandani)

This year has sure been quite a misery to get through, but good news always found a way to come through. And speaking about good news, how can we not talk about how, in the past few months, so many of our favourite celebrity couples announced that they are set to welcome their little ones!

The super cute couple, actress Anita Hassanandani and businessman husband, Rohit Reddy were one such couple who very cutely announced last month that they were pregnant. Anita has, since then, shared some lovely pictures with Rohit from their maternity shoots and made her fans a little part of her and Rohit’s journey through this beautiful phase.

And when it comes to pregnancy, it’s not surprising when expecting parents are constantly bombarded with advice on a daily basis. Anita and Rohit were in conversation with us recently on our show, ‘Bollywood Zoomies With Pallavi’ and we couldn’t help but ask them about that one advice that they are tired of hearing.

Here’s one such advice Anita shared with us that she wasn’t a fan of:

A lot of people tell me that ‘nazar lagti hai’, don’t post so much…about being pregnant. You know, once or twice, I got a little conscious. But I believe, at the end of the day what has to happen will happen. It’s my happiness and my joy, and if I want to share it out there, it is my choice! So eventually, me and Rohit took a call that it is something we are comfortable with, there is nothing wrong in it. We are happy and excited!

Well, we are happy and excited for them too! And love the sweet moments they share, always.

Watch the couple speak about how they are learning about parenthood, propose on camera and answer some fun questions in the full episode of ‘Bollywood Zoomies with Pallavi’ here:

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