In recent years, content creation has gained an immense amount of momentum due to digitalization. YouTube is one such platform that gives creators and influencers an opportunity to showcase unique content. With so many people creating content on social media it is important to break the clutter and make a mark. However, there are a few creators and influencers who have done exceptionally well on YouTube this month. Through their hard work, they have crossed various milestones and their fanbase has always supported them. Check out these mind-blowing creators who aced YouTube in the month of November.

Here they are:

1. Faisal Khan a.k.a @fasbeam

Popularly known as Fasbeam, he is an automobile enthusiast whose content is all about motovlogging. His unique interest and insightful content like product reviews, reveals and videos explaining new models made him cross 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. If you are interested in automobiles, his channel is defo your one-stop-destination for everything!

2. Team Naach

Team Naach is a popular dance channel that is the brain baby of Nicole Concessao and Sonal Devraj. Their super energetic dance videos, graceful moves and creative Bollywood choreographies totally have us glued on to our screens. They receive an immense amount of love from their fans and this month they achieved a great milestone of crossing 4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. We are super proud of these patakas!

3. Anmol Sachar

Anmol Sachar is one of the most entertaining creators, whose content and character sketches are super unique and relatable. We love how his content always brings a smile to our faces. This November he hit 700k subscribers on his YouTube channel and we are super thrilled for him. He has really made his mark in this field, hasn’t he?

4. Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a @ridergirlvishakha

Vishakha is a popular content creator and an avid travel vlogger. She documents her journey as vlogs and shares them with everyone through her YouTube channel, which currently has more than 700k subscribers! She has featured in multiple magazines for her solo trips and experiences.

5. Ashi Khanna

Ashi Khanna is a member of one of the most popular creator groups, DamnFam. She is one of the most loved creators and we have seen so many people go gaga over her content and her adorable attitude. Not just that, she also has a YouTube channel that never fails to entertain us. This month she crossed 600k subscribers on her channel and we are so happy for her! Super excited to see everything else she has in store for us.

6. Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar, also a part of the DamnFam group recently received the Silver Play button from YouTube. His loyal fanbase loves his content and we couldn’t have been any more proud of his achievement! He recently also launched his own production house and we are so happy to see Addy accomplishing such great milestones.

7. Yashraj Mukhate

Yashraj Mukhate is an epic creator whose videos take the internet by storm every now and then. All his hard work and creativity paid off as he recently received a Silver and Golden Play button from YouTube. Currently, he has more than 2 million subscribers on his channel. We are so happy that people appreciate such talent and support them in their journeys. He totally deserves all of this and more!

8. Mohak Narang

Mohak’s content always grasps our attention and we find his ideas super creative. In November, he crossed more than 500k subscribers on his YouTube channel purely because of his hard work. We love how he always keeps his #Mohakfam engaged and entertained. Can’t wait to watch more of his entertaining videos on YouTube.

9. Somya Gupta a.k.a @thesassthing

Michu a.k.a @thesassthing, who is well known for her super cute pineapple emoji, crossed 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her content is super fun to watch and she always puts herself out there for the world to the real her. We totally love how interactive and engaging her videos are!

10. Snehil Dixit Mehra a.k.a @bcaunty

@bcaunty or Bheri Cute Aunty received the Silver Play button from YouTube this month. Her comic timing is so apt and her content makes us laugh hard. We absolutely love her character sketches and creative storylines! we are certain that you might not want to miss out on her terrific videos.

This month has been exceptional for these creators and we are proud to see them cross such great milestones. Their journeys are so inspiring and they work really hard each and every day to entertain all of us. From the list above, who are you most proud of? Tell us in the comments below!

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