Every Indian mom is known to be a specific way! Their behaviour usually includes being strict, firm but at the same time, loving and caring for you more than anyone else in the world. The common-yet-hatke dialogues of desi moms always make them win all arguments, amirite? Although we sometimes complain, we absolutely miss them when they’re not around. Kusha Kapila‘s ‘typical Indian mother’ character is indeed one of the most relatable characters ever. Her content makes us laugh hard, roll our eyes or simply say, “I do it too”! So, here are a few hilariously accurate posts by Kusha that might immediately remind you of your Mumma.

Check them out:

1. Questions that all desi moms ask

Kusha Kapila is one of the most popular influencers in the country and her hilarious and super relatable content is undoubtedly among our favourites, especially the ‘Indian mother’ series. Well, don’t we all hear things like Malhotra ji ki beti, Khana khaya, kitni patli ho gayi, Pizza koi khane ki cheez hai, uth ja subha hogayi and much more from our mothers? This video is a perfect example of how a typical desi mom worries and gives a truckload of instructions to their children out of love.

2. Mai tumhari maa hoon, sabh janti hoon

Every Indian mom uses this line “mai tumhari Maa hoon, sabh janti hoon” and we strongly feel that all mothers can definitely become CID agents since no one can beat their interrogation skills. This video is so genuine and we all can totally relate to it, isn’t it?

3. Yeh kaise kapde hain?

This video of Kusha reveals the true statements and reactions a mother has when they see some quirky, modern-day outfits. We love how this video was so accurate and humorous at the same time.

4. Desi nuskhaas

Well, don’t you agree that our mothers are surprisingly good at diagnosis? They can treat anything and everything with their desi and natural nuskhaas. They also have an in-built instinct of waking up early in the morning and always worrying about their children. We totally love all desi moms!

5. Ek aur black dress leli, paise toh ped pe ugte hain!

No one can ever beat moms when it comes to emotional dialogues. All of us are guilty of hoarding multiple black dresses because well, who doesn’t love a lil’ black dress? However, you might have noticed your mom go gaga as soon as you tell them, you got another piece of black clothing. Kusha’s video hilariously sums up this interaction!

6. Dikhta hai tumhe kuch?

Mothers are always telling us to clean our room and be more organized—being lazy is something that they don’t like. This video definitely made us hide our face since we all are lazy and we end us listening to this line quite often. The video feels so real and got us ROFLing!

7. Haye yeh mere chehre ko kya hogaya?

We absolutely love this video as it is a perfect example of how moms react to social media and the different filters that we use nowadays. Using AR effects and face filters is a very millennial or Gen-Z thing and watching our moms try them is surely an epic experience.

No matter how much we grow up, we will always be little kids to our mothers. These videos and reels of Kusha are so genuine and true that we all can relate to them. At the same time, it reminds us of the affection that our moms show us. We totally love this character series and can’t wait to see what else Kusha has in store for us. Which video is your favourite? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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