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When one thinks of an Indian wedding, no matter what the size of the festivities is, OTT lehengas and six-yard drapes are usually the two options that come to mind as the ideal bridal outfits. Even the most modern bride loves her swirly lehenga set on her D-day. But not for Sanjana Rishi. An Indian-American entrepreneur and a bride from Delhi who’s currently winning hearts for her unconventional bridal outfit. As you read from the title, it was a pantsuit that made the cut as her bridal outfit. She tied the knot in September this year in an intimate ceremony attended only by 11 people. And now, she’s all over the news receiving a whole lot of love for her non-traditional choice of outfit for her wedding and we can’t help but get on board!

More details of her look, ahead:

According to sources, Sanjana and her husband Dhruv Mahajan had initially planned two weddings. One in the U.S.A and the second one in the capital city of India. However, the pandemic didn’t permit the couple from going forward with their elaborate wedding plans. So for their intimate ceremony, an ensemble like the pantsuit was perfect–simple yet statement-making. Sanjana added a traditional touch to her look with a sheer white veil made by Torani. What makes her outfit even more interesting is that she bought the powder blue pantsuit from a thrift store in Italy. In an interview with Insider, she revealed that the pantsuit is a vintage, pre-loved item that was crafted in the 1990s by an Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré.

Initially, a pantsuit was what Sanjana was going to wear to her wedding in The States and a traditional lehenga for the Indian ceremony. But as Covid-19 changed everyone’s plans and the grand wedding that was in the works looked doubtful, one thing became clear. A pantsuit was going to be what Sanjana wore to her wedding either way. Which, again, happened quite spontaneously after months of pushing it.

Sanjana teamed her pantsuit with a white bustier that she borrowed from a friend. As for jewellery, her earrings were also borrowed from a friend, but her stunning diamond neckpieces were crafted by the artisans and the designer, Anu Merton.

The idea behind Sanjana’s bridal outfit:

Ethical shopping and thrifting is something Sanjana absolutely swears by. And mixing the two ideologies on her D-day only made sense, she told Insider. She’s also a supporter of local crafts so a thrifted outfit with locally-crafted jewellery along with the veil was her way of adding a personal touch to her Covid wedding. And borrowing a little something from her best friend (the bustier) was again Sanjana’s way of feeling close to her loved ones that couldn’t be at the wedding in-person. Even her bouquet of flowers had blooms plucked out of another floral bouquet she had received from her friends the night before.

It’s quite lovely how Sanjana made her wedding so special and personalised! On that note, what are your thoughts on this? Can’t help but love every aspect of her wedding, no? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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