A lot of people say that music is the universal language of love and we completely agree! Everyone has a different taste in music and multiple genres appeal to a wide set of people. A lot of independent musicians and creators come out with authentic songs and tbh, we absolutely love them. One such content creator is Karan Nawani, an extremely talented singer, composer and music producer. He is a Dehradun-based artist who believes in changing the course of music with creative tracks and is always trying to do something new. Here’s everything you need to know about this musical sensation!

Who is Karan Nawani?

Karan is an Indian pop artist who is based out of Dehradun. He started his musical journey in 2017 and has only been onward and upward since then. He believes in giving modern-pop music his own edge and has managed to create an identity for himself. We love how Karan is a self-taught producer, singer and songwriter! Through is content, he always tries to portray a storyline and we love that quality of his. His zest for always trying something new truly sets him apart.

All about his content

Karan’s content is truly out-of-the-box! At the moment he has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 30k followers on Instagram. He conducts a lot of acoustic evenings and live sessions that we absolutely love watching. Not just that, his Instagram Reels literally has us hooked to his profile. His melodious voice, meaningful lyrics, amazing video concepts and strong storytelling really connects with the audience. Karan has already achieved some major milestones and we are so excited about everything else he has in store for us.

All about Karan’s new independent release, ‘Mera Dil’

Karan recently released his new track called ‘Mera Dil‘ on YouTube and it has already captured our hearts. The track aims to be a celebration of love and friendship and it’s shot in the scenic city of Mussoorie. ‘Mera Dil‘ marks Karan’s second release in 2020, following the amazing acoustic pop-track ‘Dekho Na‘. His latest track has a beautiful vibe and we could feel a sense of comfort after listening to it. It has already received an overwhelmingly positive response on all online platforms.

Here’s what Karan has to say about his experiences,

What inspires me the most is the people and the audience who follows me. Moreover, I listen to a lot of artists, I like to listen to different genres of music. This gives me a lot of inspiration! Now, I am focussing more on original music and trying out different things. I want to explore different genres and types of music. Initially in my career, I have had to face a lot of diificulties. To express all the ideas that I had in my head, I had to learn all the basic of music by myself. However, overall, it’s been an amazing journey!

Since the day he started his musical journey, Karan has achieved great heights! His content has always been edgy and we love how he never stops exploring new ideas. His music videos and soulful compositions are like a fresh wave in the music industry. Moreover, we absolutely adore him for his attitude! If you still haven’t checked his channel out, you are seriously missing out on something. Click here to check out his YouTube channel!

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