For so many people around the world, music is like therapy. It’s a safe haven for people to connect with their emotions. Over the last few years, so many talented content creators have been enthralling us with their soulful music videos. One such talented creator is Sejal Kumar! Following the success of her first track ‘Aisi Hun‘, Sejal released her new track ‘Khali Khali‘ on 27th November. It has only been three days since the release and it has already garnered over 200k views on YouTube. Here’s why we absolutely fell in love with Khali Khali and Sejal all over again.

All about Khali Khali

Khali Khali is a super melodious and hummable track that hit us right in the feels! As soon as we heard it, we could instantly connect with the peppy tune and meaningful lyrics. This song is written, composed and sung entirely by Sejal. It shows us how spending time and doing absolutely nothing with that one special person fills up empty moments with love. In fact, it also makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and wholesome. Also, the entire song was written in 30 minutes, recorded in a week and the video was ready in 2 weeks, awesome, isn’t it? Khali Khali was shot in Sejal’s house itself and it featured her friend Bharat Subramaniam. The music video was so full of warmth and comfort that it truly redefined the meaning for ’emptiness’.

Sejal is a household name in the digital space and currently, she has a massive following on many social media platforms. In her chat with Karishma, she got super candid about her experience while shooting Khali Khali. We absolutely love her positive mindset and passion towards her work. Not just that, she also had something insightful to say to all budding creators out there. Also, Sejal has released an all-new Khali Khali Instagram filter and we are addicted to it already. Click here to try this adorable filter out!

Here’s what Sejal has to say about her new track,

Giving a whole new meaning to emptiness, the song expresses my feelings on how there is no need to say anything or do anything, just sitting Khali Khali with that one person is enough! This lockdown has been tough on all of us and a few who especially have been away from their homes. I wanted to capture the essence, that being ‘Khali Khali’ is sometimes all that you need. While writing down the song I deeply felt every word. I believe ‘Khali Khali’ is a song that my audience would love and dedicate to their loved ones.

This song truly touched our hearts in more than one way. With this track, Sejal has outdone herself and established herself as an extremely talented musician and singer. There is so much comfort and positivity in the song that it really made us walk down the memory lane and feel like home. If you haven’t heard this gorgeous track yet, what are you waiting for? Click here and check it out!

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