It is true that you can fall in love at any minute and at any moment. We have seen a lot of relationships but some just stand out and manage to sweep us off our feet. The moment we see these couples together and their relationship, we know they are perfect for each other! One such adorable couple is Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan, who are now officially engaged! Every time they post something together they just make our hearts melt and we can’t stop obsessing over how cute they look. They truly are a ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ type of couple! Also, we cannot stop gushing over their hashtag #GaZa. Here are 7 posts that prove they are a match made in heaven!

Here are some cutesy moments of #GaZa :

1. Who’s the hottest girl in the world? My desi girl!

We are totally in love with their desi look! This picture was from one of their new videos. Here, the two of them look ‘Shaadi ready’ already and we absolutely love their chemistry on and off-screen.

2. Gauahar Khan’s birthday post for Zaid

How pure and lovely is this birthday post that Gauahar shared on Zaid’s birthday. Her caption and the adorable picture had us saying “aww” multiple times! We absolutely love how they are both twinning. They look perfect together, isn’t it?

3. Zaid Darbar’s birthday post for Gauahar

This picture was posted by Zaid as he had planned a surprise birthday bash for his love. As the picture really highlights the colour blue which was the theme and Gauahar’s fave colour, therefore we can totally see how they complement each other so well. Zaid and Gauahar are goals for sure, especially since they are always showing so much love and appreciation for one another. Don’t we all wish to have a partner like them?

4. Burning the dance floor together

Needless to say, both of them are amazing dancers and their duet together always burn the dance floor. We love their chemistry and crave to watch them shake a leg every now and then!

5. The perfect selfie doesn’t exis-

These cute selfies are really heart-warming! Moreover, the caption is so minimalistic and pure. Their bond truly radiates positivity and happiness, doesn’t it? Surely, these are one of our fave pictures of them together.

6. Having cute conversations

As popular content creators and influencers, doing multiple photoshoots is not something new for the two. However, the way they put these cute and quirky conversation posts make their relationship super adorable and unique. Them goofing around and being crazy with each other makes us love them even more.

7. And finally, she said ‘YES’

Here’s the summary of their beautiful and cute journey of friendship and relationship. They are engaged and are now each other’s ride or die! Recently, Zaid proposed to Gauahar and she said ‘YES’. This love story is truly magical! This post had us crying happy tears as we can’t get enough of them together. We are really gushing over this picture and can only say that they are nothing but #CoupleGoals!

To be honest, we love all their posts, but these were some of our all-time fave ones! We love how adorable they look together and wish them all the best for the future ahead! Which picture of them is your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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