We are all familiar with the statement that ‘friends who travel together, stay together’! If you are thinking of your next travel destination, then we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of influencers and creator groups who have travelled with their squad to the city of gold, ‘Dubai’. We can guarantee that just looking at their posts will make you wanna pack your bags and fly out right now. So, sit back and tighten your seatbelts cause here is a virtual tour specially curated for you to the city with the most amazing skyline, Dubai!

Here they are:

1. Team 07

Name a squad better than #team07, we’ll wait! Dubai is known for its amazing skyline, mind-blowing infrastructure and fascinating cars. This picture of the whole gang with a classic car like this is making us so envious. We hope our squad can travel like this super soon. Also, this image would make a cool movie poster, amirite?

2. Atrangz

Lol, this video is so lit! We love to watch people make such funny and cute memories when they are travelling together. In this post the #Atrangz tried the shoe challenge and it’s so much fun to look at. Such videos really make us wanna go to Dubai ASAP!

3. Teen Tigada

This picture had got us too excited! Sameeksha posted this picture with the whole of #TeenTigada clan and Ramji Gulati when they started shooting for ‘Rona Likha Tha‘. The song released recently and it really hit us right in the feels.

4. Mrunal Panchal & Anirudh Sharma

Mrunu and Anirudh look beyond adorable together in this picture, standing right in front of the famous Burj Khalifa. Don’t we all just love this couple? Dubai is just the perfect destination to get away from the hassles of daily life and enjoy each others company. Also, this is where the most incredible music video, Tom Cruise was shot!

5. Be YouNick

The popular YouTuber, who is loved by all his fans is enjoying his birthday in Dubai. Honestly, this post had us gushing over Nick, he is looking super dapper, isn’t it? What a great way to celebrate his birthday!

6. Jannat Zubair, Faisal Shaikh & Ramji Gulati

Jannat recently shared a post with the most loved, Mr. Faisu and Ramji Gulati. With this picture, she gave a sneak peek to everyone out there about an upcoming music video. Can you guess it? Yes, it’s ‘Carrom Ki Rani‘ and we can’t wait any longer to listen and groove to the beats of this song.

7. Nagma Mirajkar, Anam Darbar & Mrunu Panchal

Last but not the least, can we just take a minute to appreciate this picture? The trio looks so stunning that it’s making us miss our girl gang. Their outfit tones are blending beautifully with the background, making it aesthetically soothing. These three ladies are defo owning the waterways like goddesses and we can’t take our eyes off them!

While we totally want to fly to Dubai right now, we encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe. The pandemic is still there and we must take possible safety measures. However, this article will help you travel to Dubai virtually anytime!

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