It’s already December which effectively means that 2020 is about to end. Let’s be honest, this hasn’t been the best experience for many of us and most of us couldn’t travel at all. Not just that, it’s gonna take a long time before things get back to how they were in the past. So, till then we have to stick to digital tours and travel vlogs by content creators are giving us exactly that! Over the last few years, many amazing content creators have filmed some mind-blowing travel vlogs. Today, we keep binging and travelling the world digitally with the help of them. If you haven’t been able to travel this year, keep scrolling for an awesome virtual world tour!

Check it out:

1. Gaurav Taneja & Ritu Rathee – Kuwait vlog

Who doesn’t love the #FlyingBeast family? Gaurav’s vlog no. 96 is all about their trip to Kuwait. It was their first time in the city of Kuwait and we loved how raw and natural his vlog was. The YouTube video covered a lot of scenic and famous spots in the city. We pretty much saw the whole of Kuwait even though we are yet to fly to that place in reality!

2. Larissa D’sa – Varanasi vlog

Larissa visited the beautiful city of Varanasi in January 2020 and it’s truly the cultural abode of our country. While the trailer of the vlog had got us excited already, the two episodes of her Varanasi vlog simply blew us away. Larissa beautifully highlighted the whole city and we could get an awesome glimpse for the culture and lifestyle they follow. From Ganga aarti, scenic boat ride to local shopping, everything was shot beautifully!

3. Bruised Passports

It’s safe to say that visiting the Northern Lights has been everyone’s dream! The place is ethereal and something we have never seen before. Well, now that we cannot visit Iceland this year due to the Pandemic, we can always feast our eyes with Savi & Vid‘sbeautiful vlog on YouTube.

4. Mohammed Salim KhanRide2Spiti

MSK is one of the most sought-after YouTubers in the country and his travel vlogs are really interesting! However, his Ride2Spiti vlog series has completely blown us away. It’s an eight-episode series on YouTube that documents his bike ride all way through the mighty mountains. It’s a really authentic video that highlights all the beautiful scenic locations and his experience while riding through them.

5. Vishakha Fulsunge – Mumbai to Kedarnath solo ride

Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a @ridergirlvishakha is a content creator, YouTuber and solo traveller. She goes on multiple solo bike riding expeditions and documents her journey in vlogs. We absolutely loved her Mumbai to Kedarnath vlog series because it shows each and every detail of her trip. Whenever we watch those videos, we feel like we are travelling along with her!

6. Tanya Khanijiow – It’s time for Africa

Tanya is a millennial solo traveller whose content we are in love with! She loves to explore new places and document her journey. She has been vlogging for many years, however, we simply can’t get over her Africa-Namibia vlog. It was a self-drive, camping trip wherein she highlighted the culture, history and livelihood of the natives so well. This vlog series spans through multiple episodes and each one is a delight to watch!

7. Shenaz Treasury – Why I love Mexico

Shenaz is an avid travel vlogger and content creator with more than 700k followers on her Instagram. A few months back she posted her Mexico vlog on her YouTube channel and we absolutely enjoyed watching it. Her video will take you into the streets of Mexico and show you everything that the place is known for. Also, we love the chirpy and preppy vibe of all her videos!

We are certain that these awesome vlogs will give you the much needed virtual tour you’ve been looking for. We know all of you are stuck at home since the lockdown. However, we are positive that things will be back to normal very soon and then we will be able to travel the world freely! Out of this list, which travel destination did you like the most? Tell us in comments below!

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