Knowing that there is someone besides you whom you can trust with your life, means a lot! When you find your special ‘someone’, you feel like you are on top of the world. We have seen a lot of relationships but only a few manage to melt our hearts. One such couple is Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra! They are popular influencers and have a huge following on many social media platforms. Every time they post something together, we can’t stop fawning over it. If you are looking for your daily dose of love, here are 6 posts that prove Komal and Siddharth make the perfect couple ever.

Check it out:

1. They create epic content together

As we all know, both of them are style icons and so many people take fashion inspiration from them. They are truly a power couple who create some mind-blowing content together. We love watching their collab videos as they are so fun-loving and have a chic vibe to it. Also, we always learn something new from their videos!

2. Their twinning game is strong AF

Have you ever seen a couple look so terrific? We certainly haven’t! A lot of couples post #twinning pictures but Komal and Siddharth are really killin it. Their fashion sense is unmatched and they look so stunning together!

3. Komal’s birthday post for Siddharth

On Siddharth’s birthday, Komal posted this adorable video of the journey that they have had. It had snippets from their first video together to their latest work. Not just that, the caption is so heart-warming and genuine. We totally dig this kind of mutual appreciation and love.

4. Adorable appreciation post

If someone wrote a beautiful caption like this for us, we would surely cry happy tears. We often see Komal and Siddharth appreciating and supporting each other on social media and we absolutely love that about them. They don’t shy away from expressing their real feelings and that makes them a #PowerCouple!

5. They celebrate festivals together

The smile on Komal’s face just says it all! How adorable is this post? We are gushing over this Diwali post because they look picture perfect. Festivals are a great time to spend with your loved ones and Komal and Siddharth are doing exactly that. It seems like they are the ‘light’ of each other’s life. 😛

6. Love is in the air

This picture is hitting us right in the feels! We love how their relationship holds so much meaning and the love they show for one another is just out of this world. After looking at them, singlehood is hitting us like a truck, lol!

While we love all their posts a lot, these have to be our absolute faves! We love to see their happy pictures and adore their passion. For us, they are a perfect couple for modern times who are changing the dynamics of how a relationship is perceived in society. They are what we call #CoupleGoals! Which picture of theirs is your favourite? Tell us in comments below.

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