Let’s be honest ever since face masks have become a norm our makeup routines have changed drastically. Given that fact, many of us have opted to ditch makeup entirely. I don’t blame you for it, I felt the same way at first. It’s way easier as people can hardly see your face. But as we’re starting to head out, visit the office and do more things outside, your hands might be starting to itch and want to play with makeup again especially if you’re a makeup lover like me. While we might have said bye to lipsticks and bronzers it’s the perfect time to get creative with our lids and lashes. Spoiler alert, dramatic and fun eye makeup is going to be where it’s at.

While wearing fashionable masks helps with the mundaneness of every day, think of your eye makeup as an extension and experiment with beauty trends to boost your confidence. Stand out from the pack and speak with your eyes. The options are endless. Plus if you normally don’t wear eye makeup now is the perfect time to start playing with colour. With a little inspiration and practice, before you know it you’ll be acing a skill you never thought you had.

Here is our roundup of amazing looks that you’ll want to rock with your face mask at your next outing:

1. Retro ’60s throwback

Recently its been all about old trends making a comeback. This ‘60s inspired look works perfectly to emphasize your eyes. Just add some glitter and sliver shadow and you’ve got a look that works perfectly for the party season as well. A relatively easy look to replicate, all you need is to create a silver opaque colour base up to the crease and an eyeliner pen to line the eyes and outline the crease. Apply a white liner to your waterline to really make your eyes pop for a doll-like look.

2. Rainbow of colours

This isn’t one for the faint-hearted. Rainbow eye looks are a great way to experiment with those colourful eyeshadows you haven’t touched yet and build your skill level. Go big or go home. When your makeup is basically nonexistent, this is a great way to call attention and maybe even bring a smile to someones face.

3. Graphic white eyeliner

You’re probably used to wearing that standard black eyeliner every day but why not try the same thing in white. White eyeliner is just what you need to brighten your eyes and make it look more awake and refreshed. Recreate your classic wing but in white instead. Go a bit bolder by expanding the lines and thickness of the wing, then outline it with black. Use an angled brush to help you create that perfect shape.

4. Match your face mask

Stuck in a rut for ideas? Just go ahead and match your eyes to your face mask on the day. There’s always room to customise and show off your skills. Think of the best way to complement the colour of your mask. Here Sarah Durini went for a gingham look on her eyes that go well with the pattern and mismatched-ness of the mask shes wearing. Resulting in a unique, layered look.

5. Euphoria inspired

There are so many brilliant euphoria inspired looks it’s tough to narrow them down with so many winners. But the key here with these looks is the play of colour, appliques and glitter that were used on the face, eyes and even brows. Perfect for the adventurous makeup wearers, there are options for every style aesthetic and is only limited to your imagination. So have some fun and play around with pearls, stars or gemstones with your eye looks.

6. Metallic smokey eye

If you love to rock a full-on metallic eye, this festive season is the perfect time to do so. It’s an excellent way to give your eyes extra oomph and create flattering results. Plus it’s just plain joyful! In line with the season play with sliver and make it smokey for a more feminine glam chic look. Pair it with a sliver or black mask and you’re ready for your next holiday party.

7. Get artistic

If you fancy yourself an artist and really want to step out of the box then this look is for you. Flex your well-honed skills and paint your eyes as if it were truly a canvas. Rowi Singh really shows us there’s no limit to being creative and having fun. This pink skies and forest green brows are super pretty and dreamy. Take inspiration from the world around you or where you wish to be and get cracking.

What’s your favourite eye makeup look? Let us know in the comments below

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