Content creation as a field is ever-evolving! Day-by-day, we are noticing a shift in the kind of content people consume. Every day, many new talented creators are emerging and winning over the audience with real and relatable content. One of them is Niharika NM, a new age creator, who has been winning hearts with her comic timing and accurate content. She has shot to fame because of her strong audience connect and today, most of the millennials and Gen-Z can relate to her videos on a different level. Here’s everything you need to know about this creator sensation!

Who is Niharika NM?

Today, many of us know Niharika because her relatable Reels are making rounds on Instagram. She is a 23-year-old Indian YouTuber who is currently residing in California. As you all know, today’s generation is a pro at multitasking! Niharika is successfully pursuing her MBA in the states and juggling content creation. She is a big fan of theatre and while growing up, she was always attracted to plays and movies. She was introduced to YouTube in class 10 itself. However, Niharika started expressing herself on the internet through videos nearly three years after that. She has gained a lot of popularity through her comedy skits, relatable videos and entertaining Reels.

All about her lit content

Sis straight-up spilling facts! At the moment, Niharika has more than 540k subscribers on YouTube and 760k followers on Instagram. Not just that, she is also the first solo creator to have represented India at YouTube Creators For Change two times in a row. Her popular video, ‘Types of Students Before an Exam’ went viral and helped her garner 10,000 subscribers in just a few days, amazing, isn’t it? Not just that, recently, Niharika created a Reel on Instagram called ‘One Way Street It is’ and it took the internet by storm. The video crossed 10 million views in just 10 days and then there was no looking back for her. Since then, her page has been growing exponentially. If you still don’t know about Niharika, you are surely living under a rock!

Here’s what Niharika has to say about her experience as a content creator,

I grew up in Bangalore but most of my friends and family are from all over South India so that definitely had a huge impact on me being able to learn multiple languages that I sometimes use in my videos. I usually get most, if not all of my ideas when I’m interacting with my friends and family. Having a mixed bunch of people as a part of my life definitely exposed me to different types of humour and I can definitely say that my friends and family have had the biggest influence on my comedy. I started a YouTube channel as a creative outlet. I started making comedy skits, sketches, and rants about everything under the sun. Lately, I’ve just really been trying to showcase my personality while creating content because it just feels more authentic to me right now and I’m getting slightly comfortable just being myself and dipping into my South Indian roots.

We absolutely love how she doesn’t shy away from expressing her real self on social media and hands down, her comic timing is unmatched. Youngsters really vibe with her content because in a span of 15-30 seconds she manages to relate with people on a different level. Creators like her are changing the dynamics of content creation and honestly, we are loving this shift. Do you find her content relatable? Tell us in comments below!

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