The Bigg Boss house is never devoid of revelations and confessions, isn’t it? And when we have two contestants who are loved and shipped by fans revealing details about their relationship status, it is some super exciting news!

Recently, in a twist of events, the contestants from the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, the challengers, entered the house. Vikas Gupta and Kashmera Shah were among them. Vikas, the mastermind, had his eyes on Jasmin Bhasin. He compared Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar‘s relationship, to that of Jasmin and Aly Goni‘s. While Jasmin first laughed it off saying they were just friends, Vikas stated that people are not fools to not see that the two of them love each other. Jasmin then agreed that she is in love with Aly and that they realised their feelings for each other when they were away from each other.

After that, while chatting with Jasmin in the house, Kashmera Shah spoke about how Aly came to the Bigg Boss house. He came in for Jasmin, and then left the show also because he wanted to save her in the game. Kashmera calls this Jasmin’s masterstroke in the game. But the latter doesn’t agree, and says that she is lucky someone loves her so much.

Jasmin goes on to add that they have been in a relationship for the past three years now. Talking about Kashmera’s ‘masterstroke’ point, she adds that in their relationship, she has always given in to what Aly says and that’s how it has been.

Now, isn’t this so sweet? I’m sure all you Jasmin and Aly fans are super thrilled about this! Now, with all the challengers in the game, it sure is getting much more exciting and I can’t wait for more action in the house!