The tactile feel along with the fabric composition of a material signifies when it’s most appropriate to wear it. For summer, we have the smooth, soft-on-the-skin silk. And likewise, for winter, lush velvet which is relatively warmer. Hence, we see the emergence of this thick textile during the winter season, and most importantly, the festive season. The texture of velvet is lush and gives outfits a luxurious aesthetic. This makes it the perfect wardrobe choice when you need to upgrade an outfit for a fancy occasion. Similarly, during the Christmas & New Year season, we see velvet take over the racks in all high-street fashion shops. A favourite for high-end designers as well, there is no reason to not love this luxe fabric.

This stylish classic staple has been around for many years, making a comeback during the end of each year. Velvet is used as a term to indicate the structure of the fabric and not the fibre. The woven version, velour, is a common fabric as well. Velvet was founded in China and derived from silk. However, it was in Italy where the first velvet industry originated. They were one of the largest manufacturers of the material, supplying it to all of Europe. Due to its texture, velvet was popular with the wealthy and was used for several luxurious things such as upholstery, furniture, clothing etc. Consequently, it reached its height of popularity during the Industrial Revolution when it got quicker to produce. As a result, velvet became a classic fashion material of the swanky ’20s and glamorous ’70s and we see this trend continue to date.

So if you are looking for the perfect outfit for your upcoming festive occasions, here are 5 styles you can stock up on:

1) Puffy Shoulders & Ruffles

One of the most popular trends of 2020 was all about the broad shoulders and extra frills. Mix these elements with velvet, and you have yourself a stylish number to don on a fancy night out. Or a house-party to suit the current times. The subtle lace-trimmed ruffles along the v-neckline and sleeve cuffs of this velvet wrap dress by Saint Laurent has won us over. The exaggerated puffed shoulders and nipped-in waistline in plush black velvet give the dress a delicate and feminine feel. Pair it with some over-the-knee boots and you will have heads turning at that Christmas or New Years Eve party!

2) Pantsuit

Want to get your boss lady mode on? Trust the rich and smooth velvet to help you out. Red is one of the most common colours of the festive season, and this Max Mara tailored, wide-leg pantsuit in red hot is one of our favourite picks. Whether it is an office Christmas party or an intimate dinner, the combination of a blazer and pants will be a guaranteed winner. For a more casual vibe, you can match the set with a fun t-shirt. Otherwise, a silk cami top tucked in the pants with the blazer layered over makes for a more chic look. Be daring and embrace the season in red from head-to-toe!

3) Fitted Dress

When dressing for a formal occasion, it can be tricky to achieve the right balance of modest with a hint of sexy. To solve this dilemma, a figure-hugging dress with a plunging sweetheart neckline is the perfect blend of both, classy and daring. Another favourite colour of the season that looks great in velvet is rich emerald green. We have got our eyes on this velvet vintage dress by Zoe Vine. The gathered shoulder detail, cinched waist and elbow-length sleeves will beautifully hug your curves while allowing you to be comfortable all night long. To finish this look, add some bright red lipstick and killer heels. An understated yet elegant and flattering ensemble!

4) Long Dress

If you are looking for a more glamorous look in velvet without going over the top, opt for a long, lightweight dress. While shades of black, red and green are the season’s favourites, this purple kaftan dress by Honayda looks magical. Mixing textures, one half of the dress is in velvet and the other half in pleated metallic chiffon. The juxtaposition of the two fabrics, one in light purple and the other dark, is quite alluring. There are many elements in this kaftan dress that make it a statement piece. Such as the combination of velvet and the metallic chiffon, a plunging V-neckline and a  black rope belt on the waist. Pull your hair back, add some sparkly earrings and bring the New Year in with true style.

5) Black Bows

Another famous trend of the season are the black bows introduced by Gucci. Delicate and small, this detail instantly elevates an outfit, giving it a fancy touch. So for those of you who prefer to keep it simple, this velvet mini dress by Khaite in a playful silhouette is the right pick. The front and back portion has a sheer front in French tulle topped with a fashionable velvet ribbon choker. The style is chic, uncomplicated and a great alternative to those who aren’t a fan of fitted dresses. For a funky look, pair the dress with some over-the-knee black boots, or keep it dainty with sheer tights and pumps.

Which velvet outfit is your favourite pick for the festive season? Let us know in the comments below.

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