5 Ways Adult Colouring Books Helped Me De-Stress

5 Ways Adult Colouring Books Helped Me De-Stress

Mallika Jhaveri

When I was younger, colouring books were everything to me. I used to love having the freedom to make trees pink and grass blue. As I got older, like most people, I moved on to more “adult” recreational activities like binge-watching television shows and ugly-crying every hour. This is because when we enter adulthood, we also enter a whole new world of stress and pressure. Be it personal or professional. To deal with it we try all sorts of things like therapy, gym memberships and meditation. However, recently, coloring books have come into the spotlight as a form of therapy.

An article I read by Medical Daily says,

Like mediation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment. Tasks with predictable results, such as coloring or knitting, can often be calming. You have to look at the shape and size, you have to look at the edges, and you have to pick a color. It should occupy the same parts of the brain that stops any anxiety-related mental imagery happening as well. Anything that helps you control your attention is going to help.

I was immediately convinced and knew I had to revisit my favourite childhood. I bought an adult colouring book and for almost a month, I coloured in it every day. Whether it was early morning, during a work-break or after a long day.

Here Are 5 Ways Adult Colouring Books Helped Me De-Stress:

1. It Was Extremely Calming

Slowly filling up the white spaces with crayons, being careful of staying within the black lines and making the colours blend in together (yes, I used my 4th-grade shading technique) was extremely calming.  I usually would put on some calming Polo & Pan music or just listen to the ASMR sound of the crayon rubbing against the sheet. Either way, I was calm and fully composed.

2. It Gave Me A Break From Gadgets

This was the biggest blessing for me. Finally, an activity that didn’t involve a screen. We’re glued to our laptops and phones when we’re both working and taking a break, and it strains our eyes more than we think. I even purchased anti-glare glasses due to my excessive screen use! Thankfully, colouring was screen-free and I loved it! I felt more than my stress, my eyes were benefiting from it.

3. It Boosted My Creativity

Using weird colour combinations and experimenting with crayons, oil pastels, paints, colour pencils, glitter pens, markers and even homemade vegetable colours was incredible. My adult colouring book got my creative juices flowing in every direction. Strangely enough, I could see myself becoming more creative at work, on my blog and even with my jokes!

4. It Made Me Block Out The World

I was so focused on making sure it looked aesthetic, that I forgot about the things on my very (stress)full to-do list. When I used my adult colouring book, I blocked out the world and entered my little bubble. A bubble that was full of crayons, soothing music and calm. I didn’t even notice how much time was passing by. This tiny moment of complete solitude would make my day so much better, and soon it became the one thing I would genuinely look forward to. Plus, I blocked out my mom yelling at me to do the dishes, which was a real blessing.

5. It Made Me Happy

Colouring made me happy. I loved seeing the end-result of my artwork as it made me feel proud and accomplished. It helped me release my stress creatively and positively and I loved it. My colouring session instantly put me in a good mood.

Adult colouring books are something I would highly recommend based on my experience with them. They’re easy to carry around, fun to do and much cheaper than therapy. Plus, they did help me relieve stress… a LOT of it.

Have you used adult colouring books? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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