9 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself On The Daily

9 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself On The Daily

Sakshi Kore

How often do you hear yourself say things like “I’m not enough”, “I’m not cut out for this” or “I’m not worth it”? For me, it was more often that I can count. Being part of a major historical event—the pandemic, followed with the lockdown made me realise how impactful negative self-chatter can be. Pre-pandemic, I’d say a lot of demotivating things to myself, subconsciously, but never really understood the magnitude of the harm it was causing. I’d be oblivious to the mental-harm that it did. But thanks to being locked within the walls of my house with an ample of time to self-reflect, it taught me the importance of really understanding yourself and being good to yourself. And indulging in uplifting self-talk, think positive affirmations. Never derogatory or demotivating, come what may!

It’s quite easy to believe all the negative things about yourself, right? But it’s as easy to believe all the positives in you, if you just remind yourself from time to time. If you’re someone who needs this boost of positivity on the daily or little pick-me-up comments on bad days, ahead we give you a list of positive affirmations you can tell yourself. But remember, these affirmations will only work if you really believe in them. So always say them like you mean them, and you’ll see the wonders unfold!

9 positive affirmations you can tell yourself daily:

1. I am bold, beautiful and brilliant!

Trust that you are bold and strong because you’ve survived all the good and bad days of your life until now. So what makes you think you’re anything otherwise? Secondly, you’re ugly only when you tell yourself that. The magic of feeling beautiful from the inside, no matter your shape and size will do you wonders. Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder because—may come across as slightly cheesy—everyone is indeed beautiful in their own way!

2. I won’t worry about things that aren’t in my control.

Of course, some things are in control and some things aren’t and that’s the beauty of life. If everything was under control, would life be so beautiful? There is no point breaking your head over something that you know can’t be controlled the way you want to. But that’s okay because that’s how it’s meant to be. You truly grow up by handling things in ways you didn’t know before!

Don't Worry, Be Happy by Lemonwine | www.shutterstock.com
Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Lemonwine | www.shutterstock.com

3. Whatever happens, happens for the best!

No, many things in life won’t make sense. Grasping every situation in life is difficult but trust that whatever is happening to you on the daily, is happening to teach you something. And helping you grow. Yes, bumps on the road isn’t the best thing to happen to anyone but know that it’s all leading up to something good. Something in your favour. It’s the calmness you put out in the universe that attracts the good vibes.

Everything Happens For A Reason by nurha | www.shutterstock.com
Everything Happens For A Reason by nurha | www.shutterstock.com

4. Not everything goes according to the plan and that’s okay.

It’s perfectly fine to feel sad when a few things don’t go as planned. In life, we do have plans that we wish to achieve at a certain point in life but it’s unrealistic to think it’ll all happen just as we wish for it to be. But have faith in the process and don’t lose your heart. You’re not the only one whose plan isn’t going according to the plan.

5. I am kind, to others and myself.

The world is harsh enough already, no? Be the one person that’s kind to yourself, at your best and worst. The moment you show kindness to yourself, you’ll start being kind to the ones around you, as well. There’s no greater gift you can give yourself and others than the gift of kindness. Things will seem far less hard and complicated when you push yourself up instead of talk down to yourself.

6. I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.

This one is for everyone that always has one question hovering their minds: “Why does everything bad always happen to me?”. Well, first, that’s a lie. Everyone has good days and bad days but it’s all a part and parcel of life. Take each day as it is, each moment as it is and know that everything happening in your life will definitely bring you to your highest good. Be patient, have faith and things will unfold for the better.

Life Is Good by Song_about_summer | www.shutterstock.com
Life Is Good by Song_about_summer | www.shutterstock.com

7. I can.

The moment you tell yourself that you can’t do something is truly what makes any task difficult. Believe that you will be able to achieve whatever is required of you, know that you can always ask for help and you’ll realise that you can do a lot many things that you thought you couldn’t.

8. It’s perfectly okay to make mistakes.

Nope, nobody is perfect at everything they do even though they appear to be flawless in whatever it is they do. Mistakes—big or small—are an integral part of our lives. Don’t beat yourself up trying to be perfect because that’s a very unrealistic expectation to have out of life.

9. I deserve all the happiness life has to offer.

Never, even for one second, tell yourself that you don’t deserve the good things happening to you. Because like everyone else, you also deserve all the happiness life has to offer. Despite your shortcomings and mistakes. Accept the happiness that you get graciously! The more you believe you deserve to be happy, the happier you’ll be. I promise!

You Deserve The Happiness by AmySachar | www.shutterstock.com
You Deserve The Happiness by AmySachar | www.shutterstock.com

What’s one affirmation that you swear by? Tell me in the comments below!

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