Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that showcase various talents. A lot of creators use that platform as a means of showcasing their creative pictures. Photoshoots are not just posing in front of the camera, but a lot more. It’s a skill that requires a lot of creativity and uniqueness. Here are a few influencers whose pictures have us gushing over them. They look super dreamy and ethereal in these pictures and it makes their feed aesthetically soothing to look at. If you are thinking to give your photos a creative edge, here’s all the inspo you need!

Check them out:

1. Alana Pandey

Alanna’s photoshoots are super colour co-ordinated and we are blown away every time we see her pictures. The angle, frame, everything is perfectly balanced and she looks absolutely stunning. This breezy picture is our personal favourite, it has a flowy and soothing vibe to it!

2. Larissa D’Sa

Her stunning pictures will keep you hooked to her feed. We love how her photoshoots have a story to tell and it’s always a delight to watch her express her emotions and opinions through her pictures. This one especially, we are loving the boho vibe here! What catches our eye is the unique background, which is complementing her picture really well.

3.  Radhika Seth

Style icon, Radhika, is super creative and we enjoy looking at her pictures. All of her photoshoots have a very happy and bright vibe to them that we dig. However, her stellar smile always steals our hearts. We love how she picks up simple elements that manage to amp her pictures up.

4. Aakriti Rana

Her photoshoots are straight-up goals! Everyone wants to create magic in their pictures and Aakriti successfully does that. She shows her vibrant and colourful personality through her photos, which is mind-blowing! What we absolutely love is that she experiments a lot and guess what? It works so well for her!

5. Alaviaa Jaaferi

Alaviaa’s pictures are stunning and always have a theme that makes it more appealing. Moreover, it has a nice and breezy vibe to it that we love. The way she plays with colours, angles and backgrounds make her pictures super unique and creative.

6. Pryanca Talukdar

Pryanca is the queen of photoshoots, we just can’t get enough of her! All her pictures have this amazing visual appeal and versatility. They are so subtle yet have a very boujee vibe to them. Here’s one of our all-time fave photoshoot, she looks absolutely classy and western. Doesn’t it look like she has jumped right out of a fairytale story?

7. Meghna Kaur

We don’t have words to express this heavenly picture! @shetroublemaker looks like a delicate angel and we are mesmerized by how flawless this picture is. It looks like a painting, we love how the light, her pose and the colour tones of this photo blend together beautifully.

So, here are some steller images that took our breath away! Every time we look at these creators’ posts we can’t help but think about how they manage to get such a perfect picture. Tell us in the comments below whose photoshoot would you wanna recreate!

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