Okay, just putting it out there, most of us here are animal lovers! We love having furry friends around us because tbh, who doesn’t? However, not all of us can have pets at home so we fill our hearts by looking at them online. Instagram is like a haven for adorable pet pictures and we are certain that once you start looking at their paw-fect pictures, there’s no going back! So many awesome influencers are parents to some of the cutest doggos and cats and guess what? All of them have their own pet accounts. Their adorable Instagram pages make our hearts melt and we just feel like cuddling with them. So, if you’re looking for your daily dose of furry-love, you gotta follow these accounts right away! Btw, some of our furry friends here also have something to say about themselves. 😛

Hoomans, are you ready?

1. Mylo – the reagle

Mylo takes ‘adorable’ to a whole new level! He’s a 75% beagle and 25% rottweiler, who’s ready to conquer the world with his cuteness. His hooman, is Malini Agarwal and we absolutely love how she keeps us updated with everything that Mylo does in his day-to-day life. His pictures will literally brighten up your day. Here’s what Mylo has to say to you,

I love long walks and sniffing stuff… My mom and dad are obsessed with my ears. Sometimes I catch them staring at me from the corner of my eye. Don’t do balloons or cats. Belly rubs are everything.

2. Scarbro – the dawg

OMG, this smol baby has stolen our hearts! Scarbro is Lilly Singh’s furry baby and we see so many of their adorable pictures together every now and then. Lilly is currently one of the top-most creators in the world and Scarbro is her chi-poo who’s living a lit Hollywood life. He features in a lot of YouTube videos with her and is an absolute delight to watch.

3. Princess

How can you not fall in love with this floof? Princess is an adorable golden retriever who’s Anirudh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal’s fur baby. A lot of people call her Princy, how cute is that? Ever since Anirudh and Mrunu created an Instagram account for Princess, we have been hooked to her pictures. She’s all grown-up now and is more floof then ever. Can we just go and cuddle with her?

4. Travis – the husky

Travis is that pupper whom we can never get enough of! Sanket Mehta from #DamnFam is his pet parent and let’s just say, Travis is quite popular already. He has more than 21.7k followers on Instagram and his feed is the cutest thing ever. We are certain that you might fall for his attractive features and loving beady eyes! Also, Travis has something to say to you,

Hi, my name is Travis and I am a very naughty boy because I hear this from my dad every time, haha! (My badmash bacchu). I love sniffing stuff and yes, who doesn’t like long walks. I am very fond of stuff toys or soft cushions, and love chewing bone and other stuff like clothes and flip flops. 😉 Watch me eat anything literally at any time cause I am very foodie and moody. I love playing with my dad…recently my dad made me learn a few tricks like shake hand & sit and he’s making me learn many more as well. I love to dig around sand into the gardens 😉 sometimes I get scolded by dad cause I said I am a naughty boy but dad loves me the most and I love him too!

5. Barfee – the poodle

Barfee is Radhika Seth’s smol doggo and we are in love with him. He’s a baby poodle whose Instagram feed can make you smile at any time of the day. Also, his sense of style can wow anyone, he is one dapper boi, isn’t he? Here’s what this lil boop baby has to say to all of you,

I love cuddles and chicken and scaring people with my squeaky bark (not specifically in that order hehe) It takes me about 3 seconds to become friends with everybody especially janitors. I’m always looking to play fetch and never get tired. Everything small and mushy seems like a toy to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

6. Sushi Roll & Shadow Winters

Make space, the queens are arriving! Shadow and Sushi are Debasree Banerjee’s lil girls! They are simply gorgeous, aren’t they? Their cute videos with her momma are so adorable that we are hooked to their feed. Not just that, they have the most stunning eyes in the world, don’t you agree?

7. TimTim

Have you ever seen a pomeranian as floof as him? He is the cutest ball of fur and we just can’t stop looking at how stylish he is all the time! The talented Bandgi Karla is her pet parent and their pictures together would melt your heart. His feed is like doggo therapy for us! Here’s a lil something TimTim want’s to tell you,

Hi guys,
My name is TimTim the toy pom and I weigh 2.5kg only. Turning two years old on 22nd Dec 2020, I am a small dog and I fit like a teddy in everybody’s arm. I love hoomans more than dogs. Also, I love chimken and potato. I love to play with balloons and to go ghumi-ghumi but my mom doesn’t take me that much because I have white fur and she says I get myself dirty every time I go on a walk but I love my life and I love my mom. My mom is obsessed with me. She loves me so much that every now and then she keeps getting me cute haircuts. She buys me cute clothes and bows with my name on it. Also, I steal a lot of stuff. You can’t drop anything on the floor if I am around 😁 otherwise you won’t find it. You know I am like a little vacuum cleaner at home. I am also on Instagram by @timtim586. If you like me please follow me for my life update❤️ .

Love you,

8. Marshall Miranni

Well, that’s one good-looking doggo, isn’t he? Marshall is Mylo’s brother and Nitin Miranni’s baby. He’s an adorable and friendly doggo who borks in the cutest possible way. His Instagram is filled with lovely pictures of him and his pet parents. Also, his big brown eyes have us swooning.

9. Benjamin Patel

Say hello to one of the cutest petfluencer in town! Benji is Natasha Patel’s sweet fur baby and we are literally hooked to his pictures and videos. Tbh, can’t wait to meet him and get some cuddles from this adorable little pupper.

If these Instagram accounts don’t brighten up your day then we don’t know what will! We love these adorable pets more than anything in this world rn and can’t wait to someday spend time with each and every one of them. Do you guys have pets? Tell us about them in comments below!

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