10 Cute Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For The Holiday Season

10 Cute Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For The Holiday Season

Kanak Devnani

As the seasons change so does every part your beauty routine. From your skincare regimen to makeup looks and of course, your nail colours to reflect the season. The best part of this December, however, is that 2020 is almost behind us and the holiday season is in full swing. Honestly, we all need more than a little bit of cheer for the insane year we’ve all had. Plus with Christmas décor and music everywhere how could you not be excited. So why not celebrate in style and embrace the festive spirit from head to toe including trying out some fun and cheerful nail designs.

The best part about nail art is how creative you can really get with a diverse array of designs. Everyone has a different way of rocking the designs, some go full-throttle while others prefer more subtle manicures. Really, there’s no wrong way to get your nails ready for the holidays. But if you’re looking for some inspiration on what manicures to get this month look no further. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite creations ranging from jewel tones, exciting sparkles and more that’ll have the compliments rolling in.

Keep scrolling to take a peek at some gorgeous winter nail looks you’ll want to copy ASAP:

1. Deep Blue Hues

Dark cobalt blue shades are totally in for the winter season. Imitating a velvety dark winter sky it’s an intense colour that is eye-catching without being too overpowering. Perfect to start off the winter season in a more subtle way that will set you apart from the more traditional vampy tones. This is one you can easily recreate at home in between your nail appointments or add on tiny stars decals to imitate starry night.

2. Green Gold Swish

There’s something so pretty and visually interesting about this design with the clash of metallic and matte. While the deep green partial polish works as a colour block base, the swish of gold over it gives the impression of a ribbon over a gift.

3. Obsidian Gold

You can’t enter the festive season without donning some glitter once in a while. Perfect for a holiday party or NYE occasion the dark base really makes the gradient of gold glitter stand out. The key here is to focus the most concentrated layers over the tips of your nails.

4. Glitter Polka Dots

If chunky glitter or cheesy decals aren’t your thing, this is more subtle confetti-like glitter polka dots might be more your speed. Over a clean nude polish backdrop these few colour dots are a cute yet more low-key design that will get you in the festive spirit.

5. Christmas String Lights

Super cute and holiday-appropriate, brighten up your neutral polish with some multicoloured Christmas lights on your nails. Have fun and customize the bulbs to your liking. You can even place tiny stones on top of the bulbs with a wax stick or pencil for a dazzling finish.

6. Ornaments Theme

What’s your Christmas décor theme like this year? Why not keep the theme going on your nails by painting on some matching hanging ornaments. Customize these glittery ornaments with the colour of your choice. Best part? These round ornaments even look great on small nail beds.

7. Sparkle Stripes

Yes more sparkles, trust me there’s no such thing as too much glitter as long as its done right. This time we have some cute stripes that look like ribbons but with a candy colour scheme. Alternatively, play around with colours that make you happy and switch up the orders of the colours on each finger. This technique will make your nails more visually interesting and fun.

8. Snowflakes

What represents winter better than snowflakes? Combine them with a few silver sparkles and you got nails perfect to get you through the season. Over a clean neutral base, they work together to look like a cute snowstorm. This one makes us dream of a white Christmas. If you’re having trouble painting on a snowflake opt for glueing on a decal on your nail instead.

9. Candy Canes

It really isn’t the holiday season without candy canes. They really are a holiday essential, so why not use them as your nail art inspo. While this design or versions of it have been done many times you can’t go wrong with a classic. With a combo of glitter and red and white stripes, you can recreate the look pretty easily. If you don’t want to go too overboard paint the stripes only on one accent nail.

10. Velvet Finish Nails

Last but not the least, velvety manicures are the newest thing trending this season. This technique is all about how light bounces off your nails, meant to give the illusion of a smooth velvet finish—without the fuzzy feeling of course! Check out this stunning green version by nail art artist Amy Lee. Perfect for pre-holiday and post-holiday occasions, we’re running to the nearest nail salon to get this done STAT!

Which one of these nail art designs are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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