We have seen many crime thrillers and even seen a few series and films adapted from crime novels from time to time, no doubt. But replicating the fascinating effect of a novel on a reader can be quite a task, and not everyone excels at it. But guess ALTBalaji‘s adaptation of the bestseller pulp fiction ‘Bicchoo Ka Khel’ is an exception that’s being loved by the audiences all over.

The story of a man’s journey in avenging his father’s death is full of action and crime, sprinkled with some dark humour. The Divyenndu Sharma-starrer is doing so well that because of the popularity it has gained, the original novel has also gone into a huge reprint. With millions of views in just few days after release on the OTT platform, this made its way to being the most watched show of the month. So, it sure is one worthy watch!

Here are 4 reasons why you should definitely catch this crime thriller:

Gets the local flavour just right

The show, set in Benaras, UP, takes you deep into its narrow lanes, the local language, and the charm of a small town but pulsing with the crime thriller plot full of twists and turns. You get such a distinct sense of place and of the people that you’re just instantly transported into Bicchoo‘s world.

The gripping screenplay and dialogues

With dialogues like “Ye duniya gol hai aur yahan paap ka double role hai”, it’s entertainment-unlimited all through the nine episodes of the show. It’s full of quirky and fun dialogues that make you crack up while making you stop and think, too. Like, “Kise ne teek hi kha hai jab waqt acha ho na toh kutta bhi coke peeta hai,” or “Jo bharose wale hote hai wo hi bhosdi wale bhi hote hai.” The screenplay is taught and keeps you hooked till the end, forcing us to not miss a single beat! And it sure does help that the super talented cast deliver these dialogues with such ease.

The cinematography and music

The cinematography takes us back to the retro days and sets the scene for the rest of the series. The retro background music, filled with evergreen Bollywood songs, sets the mood of the series just right! Additionally, the title track ‘Bicchua‘, composed by Imran Ali and written and sung by Geet Sagar, encapsulates Divyenndu’s journey as he seeks to avenge his father’s death.

The ensemble cast

The entire ensemble cast pack a punch with their own, individual characters. From Anshul Chauhan, Rajesh Sharma, Sayed Zeeshan Quadri, and Satyajit Sharma, Mukul Chaddha, Akanksha Thakur, Abhinav Anand among others, they sure do elevate the show.

Now, we think this is enough reason to binge on this ALTBalaji show during the weekend now! Have you watched it yet?