Social media is a platform that people use to express themselves. Many are artists, creators, actors, singers and much more. However, there are so many people who are gamers and love to post gaming content online. These days, many YouTubers are creating interesting gaming content on their dedicated channels. Tbh, their dedication and contribution to the gaming universe is insaneee. All these gaming enthusiasts are talented gamers as well as entertainers. So, we have decided to tell y’all about some talented content creators whose gaming content have blown us away. So, are you ready?

Here you go!

1.Tanmay Bhat

We all know Tanmay Bhat for this great comic content. However, he is also a gamer whose content is streamed by millions. With over 2.61 million subscribers on his channel, his witty-yet-hilarious commentary, roasts, daily experiences, talking about social issues is what keeps his fans engaged. The video ‘Right Way To Play Among Us‘ received 1.1 million reviews, isn’t that just amazing?

2. Ajey Nagar a.k.a Carry Minati

Who doesn’t know Carry Minati? With over 8.23 million subscribers on his gaming YouTube channel, he is a well-known entertainer in India. We love his live streaming because of his unfiltered humour and commentary while playing games. Not just that, his gaming channel, Carry Is Live is super fun and what sets him apart from others is the way he keeps us hooked to his channel.

3. Gaurav Taneja a.k.a Rashbhari Ke Papa

Gaurav Taneja, a popular YouTuber also known as ‘Flying Beast’ recently launched a separate gaming channel called ‘Rashbhari Ke Papa’. The channel is named after his little munchkin and has over 1.27 million subscribers. His live streamings are so entertaining and dynamic that even noobs like us love to watch it. 😛

4. Aaditya Sawant a.k.a Dynamo Gaming

Aaditya is one of the best gaming influencers in the country and is the mastermind behind Dynamo gaming. His channel usually reviews games, communicates with the audience and discusses tricks and hacks to clear levels in video games. With over 9.01 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is popular for his games Dota 2, GTA V and Battlefield. If you haven’t checked his channel yet then what are you waiting for?

5. Mahesh Keshwala a.k.a Thugesh

Thugesh is a popular YouTube content creator who over a million subscribers on his main channel. However, he is also a gamer and has created his second gaming channel on YouTube called Thugesh Live. His impressive live streaming and entertaining skills are super interesting to watch. He stands out from the others and keeps us hooked to his channel and streamings.

6. Naman Mathur a.k.a Mortal

Yet, another popular gaming influencer whose YouTube channel has 6.26 million subscribers. He uploads gaming videos and live game streaming on his channel. His content caters to a particular set of gamer enthusiasts and we love how he has been able to efficiently retain his fanbase and grown it as well!

7. Chetan Sanjay Chandgude a.k.a Kroten Gaming

Chetan plays his games under the name Kroten Gaming and he has received the Golden Play button from YouTube for his excellence. Speaking of his gaming, he is very precise with his shots, that’s what makes him stand out from the other gamers out there. He currently has 2.16 million subscribers on his channel and we are super-duper proud of him.

8. Tanmay Singh a.k.a Scout

If you are a gaming enthusiast then you must follow Scout! He is one of the creators in the Indian gaming community who receives ample love from his fans. Tanmay is a professional streamer and gamer, with amazing content that is full of his creative talks, fun statements, genuine reviews and roasts.

9. Rishabh Karanwal a.k.a Rakazone Gaming

Rakazone Gaming is a famous gaming channel by Rishab Karanwal. He is one of a few Indian gamers and YouTubers who play various games, such as PUBG, CS GO, GTA, CoD, Apex Legends, RDR, and many more. He believes in giving his audience more interesting gaming content and that’s what we love about his channel.

10. Harnit Khatri a.k.a Gunshot

Harnit Khatri a.k.a Gunshot is quite a popular gamer in the community. His content is really fun, and he keeps his audience engaged till the very end with his comic timing.

So, there you go! Here are all the gamers whose content made us super intrigued about the world of gaming. Which games do you like to play online? Tell us about them in comments below!

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