The onset of the holiday season is also a mission in disguise, to rack up different or unique gifting ideas. Whether it is your mum, sister, friend or girlfriend, you want your gift to be special and the best. For accessories, hop onto the first part of this article where we covered some interesting gifting ideas under that category. If accessories are not what you are looking for, we have looked for some clothing gift ideas that every woman is bound to love! In my unbiased opinion, the best Christmas present is clothes.

Let’s face some hard facts. A woman can never have too many outfits. No matter how many we already own, we could always use some more. This ranges from outdoor fashion to indoor loungewear and even gym clothes. With the everchanging trends and styles, existing clothes get outdated quicker than expected. So this Christmas, if you are looking for a chic gift for your fashion-savvy receiver, clothes might just be what you are looking for. While everyone’s taste is subjective, we have rounded up some generic items that are must-haves during the season and will suit just about everyone! And the best part, they don’t have to be heavy on the wallet.

Scroll down to check out 6 fashionable items that are on our clothing gifting guide this season:

1) Pyjama Set

The eve of Christmas is popular also popular for the tradition of wearing a new set of jammies, enjoying some carols, sipping on hot cocoa by the tree and waking up the next morning to unwrap presents. So a comfortable silky pyjama set or a festive-themed pair is high on the clothing gift list. It is an appropriate present that is very much suited to this time of the year and there is a guarantee that it will be worn and adored. If you are gifting within the family, a cute idea would be to get matching sets for everyone! What a great family photo that would make.

2) Lingerie

This might sound unusual to be featured in the Christmas list instead of Valentines, however, women always fancy some nice lingerie. It is not often that we women go out there and purchase luxurious expensive lingerie for ourselves. Hence, getting them as a gift and adding glamour to nightwear is always appreciated. Of course, this is a personal item to give, so it only applies if the receiver is someone very close to you. When it comes to gifting lingerie, high-end brands such as La Perla, Victoria Secret or Agent Provocateur are classic ones to consider.

3) Cosy Onesie

All I want this Christmas is to snuggle up in a fluffy onesie, listen to Michael Bublé music and drink hot chocolate. If you know someone similar, a cosy onesie might just be the perfect gift for them. Firstly, you can never have too many onesies. Cute, printed ones with pockets and a hoodie are always in demand! Secondly, they work as as a hug blanket and an outfit, all-in-one. So while being cute, it also makes for a practical gift for those who need all of the above. Be it on Christmas morning or to laze around at home, a onesie is a comfortable go-to alternative to pyjamas.

4) Loungewear

The demand for loungewear has been gone higher more than ever during the pandemic. With most of us staying home and limiting our exposure to the outside world, it has become a common choice of clothing. They are an upgrade from your mismatched sweat pants or pyjamas and are stylish enough to step outside in as well. To sum it up, a good pair of loungewear is the epitome of style and comfort. As a result, those comfort-seekers on your list will appreciate a trendy set of loungewear. To make your gift even more meaningful, look into ethical brands such as Pangaia. They use sustainable and recycled materials while also planting, restoring or protecting one tree for every item sold.

5) Ethical T-shirt

A gift that also contributes to society in some way holds a little more value than something that only the receiver will benefit from. While ordinary t-shirts are cute, the Chloé Girls Forward t-shirt in partnership with UNICEF is by far the best gift you are ever going to give. It is a fashionable and a designer piece but this simple t-shirt has so much more meaning to it. 100% of the proceeds from this purchase are dedicated to UNICEF to help adolescent girls and young women with gender equality programmes and education. A great gift which will be worn with pride and in support of a brilliant cause

6) Knit Dress

For those fashion divas on your list, this knit cardigan dress by Hanifa is super chic! The designer of the brand, Anifa Mvuemba gained massive popularity in 2020 owing to her first-of-its-kind 3D fashion show she presented in May. The knit dress checks the three essentials—comfort, style and warmth. Moreover, it can be worn as an outfit on Christmas or New Years. Even though it’s slightly pricey, this wrap dress is a classic closet staple that will be worn by your giftee throughout winter and spring. The belt enhances the waist and complements the curves of the hip while ensuring that elegance prevails! Additionally, the sexy slit makes it perfect to pair the dress with some killer over-the-knee boots!

We hope to have given you some clothing ideas on what to gift your loved ones this Christmas. What’s on your list if you already have one? Tell us in the comments below!

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