Today, most of us know and love Neha Kakkar, don’t we? She is a singing sensation and a global diva who has been winning the hearts of millions of people every day. Not just that, she is also Instagram’s most-followed singer in India. On day two of ‘Facebook Fuel For India‘, singer and creator, Neha Kakkar got super real about her life story, her wedding shenanigans and her journey as a creator. Also, we loved how she answered all questions about ‘Nehu Da Vyah‘ and ‘Nehearts‘ so candidly. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Facebook Fuel For India‘ and Neha’s interesting sesh!

What is Facebook Fuel For India?

Facebook Fuel For India is an annual initiative by Facebook where they aim to highlight the most impactful stories in India. It’s a two-day virtual dialogue that brings together ideas, programmes and plans that can help fuel India’s progress. Day 1 of the event saw some mind-blowing and impactful speakers such as Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Ashish Chanchlani, Adam Mosseri and many more. However, Neha Kakkar’s Instagram keynote headlined Day 2 of Facebook Fuel For India.

What Neha’s session was all about

Neha Kakkar for Facebook Fuel For India (Source: Facebook)
Neha Kakkar for Facebook Fuel For India (Source: Facebook)

All of us know Neha for her adorable personality and mind-blowing voice! For her Facebook Fuel For India session, she did a Q&A on the questions that she is asked the most. She got extremely candid about her journey as a creator and how she built a community of over 50 million followers on Instagram. Not just that, she also spoke about her experience while creating the ‘Nehu Da Vyah‘ song, the track with which more than 40k Reels were made, isn’t that phenomenal? In the keynote session, she also shed light upon her growing years, her emotional personality and much more.

Here’s what she had to say,

I think I’m lucky, but along with that, it’s also my headwork and talent that’s led me to 50million followers. Both Instagram and Facebook are my favourites and whenever new features have been launched, I’ve tried them and rocked them. One day during the lockdown, I was sitting idle and I thought let me try and make a song. My brother and sister already have this talent and I managed to make ‘Nehu Da Vyah’. The lyrics are such that I wanted something like this to materialize for me. I wrote it very optimistically and I didn’t know this would really happen. The boy in the video would be my husband.”

Facebook Fuel For India has genuinely got an amazing line-up of talented speakers and we think, you shouldn’t miss it for the world. Today marks the second day of the event, and Neha’s session was enjoyable, candid and entertaining. If you wanna check that out and check out some more exciting sessions, click here.

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