One reason why we love social media is that every now and then we come across unique trends. Since the past year, all of us have seen multiple trends and challenges that have gone viral. Just like that, one more unique challenge has gone viral these days. It’s called the ‘This or That‘ challenge and creators are getting super creative with it! The trend is quite simple, it’s based on people choosing their favourite option based on what they like or don’t like. With the help of this fun trend, we are able to get to know our fave influencers in a better manner. Since the last few days, we are been watching soooo many This or That Reels ‘cuz we are literally hooked. If you wanna jump onto the bandwagon of fun trends, here’s 10 This or That Reels by talented creators that we absolutely loved watching.

Check ’em out!

1. Juhi Godambe & Siddharth Jain

Juhi Godambe is one of the leading influencers in our country. She took the This or That challenge with her fiance, Siddharth and it was super adorable. We loved their goofy responses and unique choices a lil too much! Their videos together really take the cuteness quotient up by a notch.

2. Komal Pandey & Dolly Singh

Dolly and Komal have always been BFFs and we have adored the kind of friendship they have had. Together, they create a lot of amazing content and give it their own little twist. They took the viral This or That challenge and their choices and options were so hilarious yet accurate. Now, excuse us while we go try the same with our besties, lol!

3. Kritika & Deeksha Khurana

We are totally diggin’ this siblings edition of the challenge! The Khurana sisters are always among the first ones to try out any new fun challenges that make rounds online. They hopped onto the This or That trend and we loved their quirky answers.

4. Aakriti & Aditya Rana

We all know and love Aakriti for her unique, colourful and out-of-the-box content! She always blows us away with her creative ideas and also entertains us with her fun Reels. Aakriti and her brother took the viral This or That challenge and we absolutely love how they also included their furry-friend!

5. Shereen & Trishala Sikka

We have seen Shereen and Trishala create a lot of content together. They are amongst the leading influencers in the country and always on top of trends. This dynamic sister-duo also tried their hand at the ongoing viral challenge and it was nothing but adorable!

6. DamnFam

Well, if you still don’t know the DamnFam, you are surely living under a rock! They are one of the most popular creator groups who never fail to blow us away with their content. On their official Instagram handle, the whole team took part in the This or That challenge and trust us, it was so much fun to watch! They have created two videos in groups, so make sure you don’t miss out on any.

7. Larissa D’sa & Siddharth Kerkar

Cuteness alert! Larissa is a popular travel vlogger and her content keeps giving us beautiful virtual tours of the world. She recently took the This or That challenge with her bae and they are literally #CoupleGoals. Is this video making all single people super envious? Because same!

8. Viraj Ghelani

This has to be one of our most favourites because it’s so hilarious yet accurate! Viraj always adds his own little twists to viral trends and makes it 10x more entertaining. Who would have thought he would do the This or That challenge with a Rickshaw, we absolutely love it!

9. Samidha Singh

A lot of creators have done this challenge with their best friends and Samidha is no different. She shot this fun little video outdoors with her best friend and it was nothing short of adorable. Also, the choices gave us a sneak-peak into their likes and dislikes.

10. Jikaria sisters

The Jikaria sisters just gave this challenge a super fun twist! They created a This or That South Asian edition and the choices were super fun. What would you choose between a Thepla and Naan? We are team Thepla, haha!

By now, if you haven’t tried the This or That challenge then what are you waiting for? It’s a super fun and entertaining trend and it helped us get to know our fave creators a little better. Who will you try this challenge with? Tell us in comments below!

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