Netizens, around the globe, have always been enthusiastic and active when it comes to taking up viral trends and challenges. Above all, they add their own uniqueness and twist to these trends, which then spreads like wildfire. Speaking of trends, ‘Elf On The Shelf‘ is a Christmas tradition that has gone viral worldwide with a modern meme twist. We are loving how everyone is sharing their own version of the #myelf challenge. These pictures are funny, creative and eye-catching! So, here is everything you need to know about this modern Christmas holiday trend that has been going around!

What is the #MyElf challenge all about

The recent trend has taken the Internet by storm across the world and has swiftly escalated into a viral sensation. We see many creators and celebrities on Instagram and Twitter taking part in the #myelf challenge. This trend puts a spin on ‘Elf On The Shelf’, a popular children’s book that led to the Christmas holiday tradition. The fun fact about this tradition is that parents bring an elf to the house which supposedly is sent by Santa to keep an eye on children’s behaviour. However, creators and celebrities added a very goofy and creative twist to this holiday tradition. They moulded the ‘Elf on Shelf’ to a creator on creator’ with their rhyming skills on point. Participating in the trend means finding a rhyming sequence of words just like ‘Elf and Shelf’ and then editing the two together into a photo. Here are some of the meme posts that were unique and got us ROFLing!

Check them out:

1. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is always full of energy and super excited to try out different trends. Her content is just so hilarious and we love it all! This post of Lilly didn’t take long enough to turn into a viral meme. What stood out for us the most was the tiny Millie elf and of course her quirky caption.

2. Rohan Joshi

Damn, Rohan took a very unique and interesting twist on this challenge and the ‘Kyoshi on a Joshi’ is simply incredible! He definitely raised the bars of goofiness and that’s what we dig!

3. Mohit Dantre

What can we even say about this one, it’s just so smart and funny. ‘Rohit on Mohit’ is an epic combo and this post scores six runs for sure.

4. Lisa Mishra

Lisa is incredibly talented and her voice is outstanding. This post was like a cherry on the top of this viral trend. We love how she didn’t go for the rhyming scheme and gave an ‘artistic’ twist to this trend! :P

5. Sahana Jagannatha

A fitness and Zumba enthusiast whose content is quite engaging and has a positive vibe! Sahana took on to this trending challenge and gave it a unique twist by adding her own elf. This post is super sporty and we adore it.

6. Harun Robert

Popularly known for his artistic skills, on Mad Stuff With Rob, he is an amazing artist who is super talented and creative. His content and art are jaw-dropping and we are totally hooked to them. He actively took part in this challenge and aced it.

7. Turnip

Turnip, a phenomenal gaming and live streaming app took part in the Elf On The Shelf challenge. They made a legendary post by choosing the famous gamer Samay Raina and a miniature version of another mind-blowing gamer and entertainer Tanmay Bhat. These two streamers are our absolute faves!

A number of Bollywood celebrities also participated in this trend and showcased their version of Elf On The Shelf. These memes immediately became popular and viral on social media. These included our all-time fave personalities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Madhuri Dixit, Sonakshi Arora, Nushrat Barucha and many more.

Elf On The Shelf challenge is genuinely breaking the Internet, especially Instagram and Twitter! Over these past few days, we have seen numerous creators and celebrities take this challenge and show their version of it and we loved it all. The challenge is spreading some Christmas merry among people and that’s what we love. If you haven’t tried this one out yet then you should. Tell us what you think about this new trend in the comments below!

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