5 Reasons Why You Need To Read A Trashy Wattpad Novel

5 Reasons Why You Need To Read A Trashy Wattpad Novel

Mallika Jhaveri

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who know about Wattpad and those who live under a rock. For the benefit of the latter, Wattpad is a platform where anyone can write novels, short stories, poems or literally anything involving words. It’s filled with books authored by amateur authors. Some are incredible, while some (or rather most) are straight-up trash. The trashy ones are usually badly written fan-fictions, teenage love stories or extremely kinky narratives. Fifty Shades Of Grey, After and The Kissing Booth were originally Wattpad books, and now they’re all multi-million dollar franchises. This goes to prove that trashy Wattpad novels have potential and they may be just what you need!

5 Reasons Why You Need To Read A Trashy Wattpad Novel:

1. They’re Funny

Wattpad novels are the manifestation of the saying, “It’s so bad that it’s good”. While you will be rolling your eyes after every chapter, you will also be highly amused. Some books are so ridiculously terrible that they’re hilarious. The plots are highly predictable, the characters have zero development and the story can get so random that you’ll surely be in splits.

2. It’s An Escape From Reality

Wattpad novels are extremely addictive, especially if they’re trash. You will find yourself scrolling through them till you’re at the end. Getting lost in a world where Harry Styles has addiction issues and dates a fan-girl, or a “bad boy” juggles the Mafia, love and SAT exams, is really fun. It’s an escape from reality and in 2020, that is exactly what we need.

3. They Make You Feel Better

A good reason why you should read a trashy Wattpad novel is that they make you feel good. The romance is soppy and worn-out, yet it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. It also gives you a great ego-boost when you read all the grammatical errors because you know you’d never make them.

4. They’ll Help Live Your Inner-Most Fantasies

We can deny it all we want but we’ve fantasised about dating a bike-riding bad-boy in a leather jacket, being spotted in the crowd by Cristiano Ronaldo and being wooed by him or experiencing some LGBTQIA+ magic. Thanks to trashy Wattpad novels, you can! You will end up living vicariously through their poorly written pages. It’s a cheap thrill, but a great one.

5. They’re Free

Need I say more? The trashiest books on Wattpad cost you nothing apart from some brain cells. Just download the app, and you’re in for an adventure!

The list of reasons why you should read a trashy Wattpad novel are endless, but I hope the above has convinced you. Trust me, it is what you need to top off this fabulous year.

Have you read Wattpad novels before? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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