Rajesh Kumar A.K.A FactTechz: A YouTuber Whose Videos Will Leave You Fascinated

Kavisha Mody , 19 Dec 2020
Rajesh Kumar a.k.a FactTechz (Source: Rajesh Kumar)
Rajesh Kumar a.k.a FactTechz (Source: Rajesh Kumar)

YouTube is one of the most prominent platforms to express yourself. Over the years, this platform has gained unfathomable momentum and continues to gain popularity. Every day, we come across such interesting and insightful videos that keep us hooked to YouTube. A lot of creators use this platform as a means of expressing themselves and their knowledge. However, only a few are able to make their mark and one of them is Rajesh Kumar a.k.a FactTechz! His YouTube channel is one of a kind and it has more than 300 videos catering to various interesting topics. Not just that, his story is super inspiring and interesting. So, let’s dive right in!

Who is FactTechz?

Rajesh was always a science enthusiast who started his YouTube channel in 2016 when he was only 16 years old. He loved to witness practical events rather than bookish theories and was always curious about the mysteries of the world. His keen interest in science, astronomy and mystery encouraged him to start his own YouTube channel. Rajesh worked extremely hard to pursue his YouTube career during his junior college and by the time he was in 12th grade, he had already gained over 5 million subscribers. He named his channel FactTechz and his first ‘mystery video’ went viral when he had just started out. His engaging visuals, strong voiceover and interesting facts caught the eye of the audience.

All about his content

Rajesh, currently has more than 15.2 million subscribers on YouTube and his channel is growing at the speed of light. His videos cater to various intriguing subjects like unknown scientific facts, astronomy, mysterious theories, culture and much more. FactTechz is the first Indian YouTube channel to cross a million subscribers in less than 365 days—how awesome is that? Also, he was considered one of the top YouTubers in India in 2017 and is currently one of the fastest creators to cross 10 million on the platform. He has big plans for himself and his future goal is to make a short documentary film purely based on sci-fi infotainment. Well, we can’t wait to watch how epic that would be!

Here’s what Rajesh a.k.a FactTechz has to say,

I was the science enthusiast in my school and was always curious about things relating to science and mysteries. So when I was in my 10th standard, I thought of sharing these facts with the world led to me starting my own YouTube channel pertaining to the facts related to science, mysteries and astronomy. After my first 3-4 videos, the channel grew at a rapid phase and all I received were positive and encouraging comments. By the time I was in my 12th standard I have over 5 million subscribers. Now at 15.2 million subscribers, all I want to do is grow more and share all of these fascinating facts with the world. And if got the chance, release my own sci-fi category short film.

Ever since we came across Rajesh’s channel, we’ve hooked to his content. His intriguing ideas, engaging factual videos and strong narration have helped his channel massively. He is a power-house of talent and we can’t wait to spend our days binging to his videos and learning new and interesting facts about the world. If you haven’t checked his channel out yet, click here right away!

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