Even though most people plan how and when they want to become parents, I’m sure that the task-at-hand can seem daunting. When you look at the big picture, you’re bringing a life into this world that you are wholly and solely responsible for. You need to keep this human being alive and happy and that is a pressure-filled job. Because as adults we sometimes struggle to keep our own selves happy, amirite? We’re human and no matter how much we prepare in advance, life can always spin us a curveball. And that thought is hella scary! But when it comes down to having a child or being a new parent for the very first time, you’ll want to have a list of things that you will need to help make this process feel less daunting. Also, maintaining a list is a great way to tackle pent up energy and anxiety.

Ask your friends with children what their experience was like, do a little bit of research. Also, you have to know and understand that your child will grow at an exponential rate, so try to look for sustainable options and not go overboard. Invest in things and items that will help you care for your child but also help you manage your work and lifestyle simultaneously. I know a lot of women who forget to make themselves a priority when they have a child and I can understand that. But maybe invest in a thing or two that can help you relax. And, of course, we want to help you with this list so scroll on for more.

Here’s a list of products to help make a new parents life easier:

1) Crib

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2) A crib mobile

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3) Stroller

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4) Set of swaddles, bibs and burp cloths

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5) Pacifier

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6) Invest in keepsakes, a camera to record things, a photo album, a record book

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7) Wet wipes

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8) Car seat

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9) Diaper bag

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10) Shampoo, lotion, oil, rash cream

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11) Diaper caddy

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12) Feeding bottles

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13) Bedding

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14) Pillow

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15) Blanket

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16) Mittens

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17) Booties

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18) Onesies

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19) Mosquito net

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20) Chest carrier

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21) Baby monitor

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22) Bouncer

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23) Diapers

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24) Tub

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25) High chair

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For the mother:

1) Breast pump
2) Nursing bra
3) Breast pads
4) Foot and neck massager

Do you know of any other products that would make a new parents life easier? Let me know in the comments below.

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