We are always the first ones to get super excited about watching talented creators on the silver screen! Over the last few years, many YouTubers have made their debut on the big screen and now online sensation CarryMinati is making his way to Bollywood. CarryMinati a.k.a Ajey Nagar is a YouTube sensation with over 27.5 million subscribers on the platform. He has officially joined the phenomenal cast of an upcoming thriller-drama called ‘Mayday‘ alongside Ajay Devgn. Where he will play the role of a social media sensation, how amazing is that? Keep scrolling if you wanna know all the interesting deets about this upcoming film and Carry’s role!

About CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar is a popular online sensation who is widely known as CarryMinati. He is currently a social media icon with more than 10.5 million followers on Instagram and 27.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He started making videos at the age of 10 and today he is one of the leading YouTubers in South Asia. Also last year, he was the only Indian to be listed in Time magazine’s ‘Top 10 Next Generation Leaders Of 2019’.

Everything you need to know about ‘Mayday’

CarryMinati is a youth icon who has been winning people over with his roast videos, parodies, diss tracks and raps. With Mayday, he is all set to make his Bollywood debut! This much-awaited film also features a unique cast. It includes Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, Angira Dhar and Aakanksha Singh. The cast has already started shooting from the 11th of December 2020 and the film is being entirely shot in Hyderabad. Carry will join the cast and crew later next week. Ajay Devgn is the producer of Mayday and it’s slated to release on 29th April 2022. We are super excited to watch CarryMinati alongside this dynamic cast!

Here’s what CarryMinati has to say about this opportunity,

Absolutely thrilled and honoured to be aligning creative forces with such reputed personalities from the film fraternity. I’m eagerly looking forward to being a part of this brand-new adventure and learning a thing or two about acting while I’m at it. In the past, I’ve got offered film roles but I agreed to be a part of this project because I had the opportunity to play myself and bring my alias, CarryMinati alive on the 70 mm screen. I remember enacting these skits as a child and my parents always thought I’d grow up to be an actor. You see acting is something that comes to me naturally just like music so it’s no rocket science for me really. For all my anxious fans out there, I’m just exploring and experimenting within the creative gamut, but content creation will always be my passion and true calling.

We are super pumped about watching Carry create magic on the big screen. This is an amazing opportunity for him and we are absolutely sure that his acting skills are gonna blow us away! Watching him alongside this unique ensemble is going to be quite interesting, what do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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