Everyone is slowly getting back to work after months at home during the nationwide lockdown and veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty is one of them. The actor began shooting for Vivek Agnihotri‘s upcoming film, Kashmir Files in Mussourie. This is where the actor recently suffered a major food-poisoning episode and collapsed on set.

Director Vivek Agnihotri, in a statement, said that even though the actor was not feeling well, he stayed back to shoot the scene. It was supposedly a big action sequences which was centered around Mithun Da and Vivek says that no normal person in his condition would have been able to stand still and work. After taking a short break, he made sure to complete his portions but unfortunately collapsed due to exhaustion. He was given treatment and recovered in no time, even returning to set the next day.

Mithun Da‘s son, Namashi Chakraborty, who is set to make his acting debut with the film ‘Bad Boy’, also took to his Instagram to share an update regarding his father’s health and said that he is “doing absolutely fine and is back to work” while thanking everyone for their messages and love.

It sure shows Mithun Da‘s dedication to his craft to be back to work the very next day, no? Vivek also agrees in his statement and says that he has not seen anyone in this generation work with so much dedication. He adds that actors like Mithun Da “are assets to any unit, any crew and any film.” He shares that the veteran actor was concerned the shoot of the film shouldn’t be halted because of him and that when he was back the next day for shoot, he brought so much energy on sets and made sure everyone worked super fast so they could wrap the shoot.

Vivek also shares that The Kashmir Files is his effort in highlighting the plight of the Kashmiri Hindus and features Mithun Da and Anupam Kher in pivotal roles. The film is slated to release next year in 2021.