This year, the tension and the competition in the Bigg Boss 14 house is all kinds of intense. For the first time, the contestants from the previous seasons entered the house and have been making headlines.

Vikas Gupta was evicted from the house after he pushed co-contestant Arshi Khan into the swimming pool after an argument. Vikas now took to his social media where he posted a video thanking his fans for their constant support and without naming the show, said that he is determined to emerge a winner at the end of it.

In his video, he said:

Hey guys! I wanted to thank you all for your love and support. Many people, many, many people, have written to Colors and Viacom (producers and presenters of Bigg Boss). You have sent me sweet and lovely messages. The way the entire country rose up for me, I wish the housemates would have done the same.

He continued, “I will do what I do, best is play well, right? Try creating situations that entertain everyone. I really do need to win this time. It is not my desire but need this time, I will do well, no matter what. Please keep supporting, I need that support.”

Here is his video:

On Saturday, Salman Khan also supported Vikas saying that it was Arshi who instigated Vikas in the first place by talking ill of his mother. He said that though it was not the right thing to do, he might have also reacted in the same way had someone spoken about his parents like that. In her defence, Arshi said that Vikas had abandoned his mother and that he didn’t want to continue because he was ‘bored‘.

Now that he is set to be back, it sure is going to be interesting to watch how the show moved forward!